Mmm Fingers 2 Hack, Cheats and Tricks


Mind it; we all need to play games. Be it out of our interest, to kill time in a long bus ride, trying out a new game when bored, or just for fun; games do complete a huge chunk of our lives. However, each game requires a different presence of mind. Just as the level of concentration and attention. And sometimes, all we need is a simple game, which we can play lying down, after a long day of work. Some different games like Easter egg recreations are a most loving approach to give them a chance to bounce, hop, skip and move their way through this springtime celebration.

With the same kind of concept, Noodlecake and No Monkeys are back with Mmm fingers 2. Exactly 3 years ago, the two collaborated to release this exciting yet soothing game Mmm fingers. The game became one of the biggest hits with 24 million downloads on Play Store.


The game has a very simple task. All you have to do is keep your finger pressed on the screen while you have to dodge all the hungry monsters that are looking to eat the poor finger of yours. You cannot lift your finger for once or hit any of the creatures else, you are gone. Therefore, the longer you resist the higher your score gets.

Mmm finger games have wide popularity, the reason why they planned to release the sequel, also with some major additions. In the new version of Mmm fingers 2, the basic theme of avoiding hazards is the same as the previous one. However, there are new monsters and patterns for the player and the introduction of two new modes of the game. First: the daily challenge where all players have to complete all levels to score the highest whereas the second is the Challenge Mode that lets you play through 75 designed levels with varying difficulties. Mmm fingers online were surely fun, but this upshot sounds even more interesting and a must have. Besides, there are leader boards and achievements for players across the world. And the game is much easier to use due to its one-touch portrait gameplay.

Mmm Fingers 2 hacks

For best results, it is advised to play Mmm fingers 2 in a quiet room. It may get a little frustrating due to the never-ending traps. If you lose the game in between, all your progressions will be restarted. In this situation, you may enable the Mmm finger 2 cheats, which will revive you, back to where you had lost.

For short Mmm finger 2 tips, enter the options menu to customize your game, choose whatever settings and environment you’d like to play in.

The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms for no cost at all. According to the Mmm fingers 2 reviews so far, the users have given a strong rating and liked it more than the previous version. There are various Mmm fingers 2 codes and hacks as well. Join the 22 million wide Mmm fingers online community and experience the thrill all yourself.


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