Microsoft Launches Cortana Integrated Smart Thermostat


You must be aware of the internet-enabled smart thermostats which are becoming increasingly popular these days. Companies like Microsoft and Nest have recently manufactured smart thermostats that have proven to be very beneficial.

The Microsoft Cortana Thermostat is a smart device manufactured by Microsoft in partnership with Johnson Controls. This GLAS thermostat will be equipped with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and a smart machine learning system that can easily track the indoor and outdoor air quality. If you’re looking forward to read a concise but comprehensive Microsoft Cortana Thermostat review, this post will help you a lot.

Microsoft Cortana Thermostat Price:

Johnsons Controls has just revealed that GLAS, the Microsoft Cortana Thermostat will be available for preorder for $319 in March. This price is higher than that of Ecobee’s smart thermostat with Alexa integration which is available for $249. This price is also higher from the smart Thermostats manufactured by Nest. However, one of the most unique Microsoft Cortana Thermostat features is the translucent display and that’s the reason it’s pricier than other devices.

Microsoft Cortana Thermostat Features:


Microsoft Cortana Thermostat is an advanced learning machine that can be controlled via Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Cortana. It is also the first device to be integrated with Cortana and it will rely on Microsoft Window’s 10 IoT Core operating system. This operating system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E embedded processorMicrosoft has also announced regarding the integration of Cortana to other devices such as toasters, refrigerators, and more. Following are some important Microsoft Cortana Thermostat specs and features:

Microsoft Cortana Thermostat display:

According to the promotional videos presented by Microsoft, the Microsoft Cortana Thermostat display will allow you to keep a track of the air quality, energy usage, calendar notifications, and make adjustments according to your preference. The best thing about this display is that it uses a translucent display which provides a clear and crisp picture of everything.

The display of GLAS is a touchscreen which allows the user to check information and also do the controlling tasks manually. The device is overall very simple to use as it has an elegant and user-friendly design.

Microsoft Cortana Thermostat controls:


Microsoft Cortana Thermostat specs are all top-notch and the device overall delivers excellent value for money. GLAS will support various controls such as weather forecast, temperature controls, and manual controlling. The installation of GLAS is very easy and it can be easily installed in various residential and commercial locations. The Microsoft Cortana Thermostat controls also support most of the 24 VAC cooling and heating systems. Through the mobile app you can also use and control the browser and the Cortana voice controls. The GLAS thermostat will allow you to keep a track of the air quality, energy usage, and calendar notifications too.


This Microsoft Cortana Thermostat review throws light on the basic features of the Microsoft Cortana Thermostat. If you’re looking forward to get your hands on this device, you can preorder it at Johnson Control’s website.


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