Microsoft HoloLens: Bringing Ideas To Life


Did you ever envision augmented reality overpowering our futures? That the 21st century will be the era of robots and invisible screens. No, right. However, it is the 21st century and look how humankind have progressed. Some great brains have made it possible to become what we are today. One similar example is of HoloLens.

Microsoft launched this incredible product, HoloLens in 2015 as a gaming centric device, which later turned out to be a huge success for businesses, industries and technology.

Microsoft HoloLens Review

Also known as, a protective gear, Microsoft HoloLens is made up of specialized components that enable holographic computing. It is specially designed as an eye wear with an optical system so powerful that works with advanced sensors. The HPU’s are capable of processing large data per second. The holograms let you interact freely with the digital world and see things through augmented reality.  This protective eye gear has an IP50 rating for dust protection mainly in construction sites and development areas.

Microsoft HoloLens Features

HoloLens is not just an ordinary device. It aims to take technology beyond devices, screens and mobiles by totally easing the concept of digital communication. Microsoft HoloLens protective gear enables complete comfort for the users. Its headband is designed with great weight distribution that fits you without putting any pressure on your ears or nose. In addition, you can adjust it to tilt back and forth. The headband ensures a wide range of head sizes for every age group.

HoloLens is so intelligently designed that it has a computation power stronger than an average laptop. It contains no wires, no cameras or any phone or PC dependency. It works on its own and is self-contained.

Other features include it advanced sensor capability. The sensors can record every detail of the environment you’re in. The HoloLens can automatically configure your location, physical objects around you and even recognize the faces. The use Artificial Intelligence is so prevailing and this is how it affects the workings of Microsoft HoloLens.

There are built in speakers create an extraordinary experience without requiring any headphones. These speakers know how to synthesize sound and send them to human ear from any specific location you’re trying to access, courtesy to the intelligent system.

Microsoft HoloLens Price

Just within few years of its launch, HoloLens has achieved a milestone success throughout the world. According to Microsoft, you can now purchase the development edition for a price of $3000. Due to the increasing demands, the sales have been expanded to 29 new European countries, taking the total to 39 nations worldwide.

Besides that, other technology ventures like Ford and ThyssenKrupp have been collaborating with Microsoft to integrate HoloLens with their products in countries like Turkey, Sweden and Spain, specially to help build cars and redesign them, for instance. It will be so useful for this manufacture since it’s hands-free and will not affect human eyesight.


This invention has surely startled millions. Not just for gaming, it is now being employed in mounting businesses and personal usage. The idea has just begun to make changes around us, and it is about time how this will take over the world very soon.


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