Merge Pool Hack, Cheats and Tricks

merge pool

Sometimes the simplest games can provide maximum entertainment. The small games are the ones that can be played at any time without making your mind, even if you’re busy you can take out some minutes to play them. Merge Pool is such a game and it is very addictive.

The game is developed by Voodoo and has been released this year. In this game you have to shoot the colorful balls onto the matching ones. It’s just a drag-aim-release type of game and the gameplay is very straightforward. Merge Pool iOS and Android version is available on their respective stores and you can also download the Merge Pool Apk to install it manually on your device. Though the game is very simple, we still have some Merge Pool tips and guide to help you out


Merge Pool tips and guide:

The game requires the player to shoot the colorful balls to their matching colors, until they are big enough to explode. All the balls are numbered so that the player knows how many balls have merged. There are Merge Pool Cheats too and you can use them to improve your gameplay. Following are some tips and guides to help you out:

merge pool

  • Your focus should be on earning the new balls instead of earning points. This is because you have a limited number of balls that is visible at the bottom of the screen. If you merge the balls of one color up to 5, it will explode and give you additional balls.
  • When you aim and shoot at other ball, you will see three arrows on the top of the ball that indicates the power and direction of your shot. If the arrows are spread out more, it means that your ball will be able to fly at a good distance.
  • If you want to move a ball to a new position, a good tip is to go for the ones with the smaller numbers. This is because balls with ‘4’ or ‘5’ on them are heavier than the ones with ‘1’ or ‘2’ on them.
  • merge pool
  • Sometimes it is beneficial to shoot at the balls while they’re still rolling from the previous shot. A new ball comes into your deck as soon as you’ve made a shot and thus you can make another shot immediately.
  • There are balls of blue, red, yellow, green, and purple colors. But besides them, there are two other balls that can helpful for you. A rainbow ball can be merged into any ball and the gray balls are obstacles as they don’t merge.


So, if you’ve learned some strategies and tricks from this Merge Pool overview, why don’t you try it for yourself? Whether you are an Android or iOS user you can also easily join any Merge Pool Forum and be a part of the discussion to learn some more tips and tricks. The gameplay is very simple and fun and all you have to do is to play strategically and make maximum points.


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