Want to Play Mega Millions Lottery? Here’s What You Need to Know

How to Play Mega Millions

Mega Millions, a casino game that can turn you into a millionaire overnight, is now on your smartphones and laptop screens, thanks to online casino game portals like Lottoland.

What Is Mega Millions?

Mega Millions is one of the most sought-after multi-state lotteries of the United States. Now, for the first time ever, Indian players too can access this American lottery right from the comfort of their home.

The prize money for the jackpot for Mega Millions begins at $ 40 million, and the numbers only keep adding to it by $5 million for every drawing that does not produce a jackpot winner. It is played twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday morning.

How to Play Mega Millions?

  • Mega Millions is a casino game where a player picks up any 5 random numbers between 1 to 70.
  • One additional number between 1 to 25 is also picked, which is known as the ‘Mega Ball.’
  • The price for a basic Mega Million ticket is $2. However, there is a ‘Megaplier’ option also where $1 is charged, and the player can multiply his prize money (other than the jackpot) by two, three, four, or five times.
  • However, the Megaplier is randomly drawn during the same time as and when the winning numbers are generated.
  • Players have the liberty to either choose the lottery tickets of their choice or opt for the ‘quick pick’ option where the computer randomly generates the number for them.


How to Win the Mega Millions Lottery?

Winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery is drawn from two drums, one consisting of 70 balls and the other containing 25 balls, with numbers written on them.

Where the first five numbers are drawn from the first drum, the second drum is used to draw the Mega Ball number.

However, to determine the level of the Megaplier, a seventh number is drawn from 2 through 5.

The winner of the jackpot is the one who possesses the same five numbers, which are drawn from the first ball, in any order, and also, if his Mega Ball number, too, matches the number drawn from the second ball.

There are certain secondary prizes too, which can be won if only some of the numbers you possess match the ones which have been drawn.


Final Thoughts!

Mega Millions lottery tickets can be now procured online, and its tickets can be purchased 15 minutes before the draw time, every Tuesday and Friday. Now you can live your dream to win the Mega Million jackpot from any corner of the world.

Simply log on to the Lottoland, an online portal that hosts the world’s highest jackpots, including Mega Millions, Power Ball, etc., all under one umbrella.


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