McLaren Senna: The Name Says It All


McLaren Automotive is around a decade old and it has started launching the most amazing and top-notch sedans for the people. McLaren recently announced its new sedan, McLaren Senna which made a mind-blowing debut at the launch of the McLaren Composite Technology Centre in Sheffield in early February.

The McLaren Senna is the second sedan of McLaren’s Ultimate Series, which is called as the ‘ultimate road-legal track car’. The company is bold enough to choose the name ‘Senna’ for its brand new car as this is the name of the Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna. Read the McLaren Senna review below and know more about this top-notch and advanced sedan.

McLaren Senna Price:

Seeing the McLaren Senna photos you can easily decide about its price tag. The two-seat Senna is the latest car of this company and the company has spoken about producing 500 units in the United States. It is most likely that the McLaren Senna price starts at $837,000 and it can go higher according to the features and specifications. The McLaren Senna will start delivering from next year and the U.S buyers will know before the car will start selling. The UK price of this car has been confirmed which is £750,000 which equals to $830,000.

McLaren Senna Features:

Lightweight and powerful:

Senna is not just about its name and looks; it has plenty more things to impress. The sedan is designed especially for track and thus it is very smooth and lightweight. In spite of being lightweight, its power output is excellent. According to McLaren, the Senna uses twin-turbo 4.0 litre V-8 which has the capabilities of producing a peak of 789 horsepower and torque of 590 lb-ft. The Hybrid P1 of this company was able to produce power output ofaround 903 horses but the Senna can do this without the added weight of electrical components, battery pack, and the motor.

Minimalist design:

When we talk about cars, extremism was everywhere but this sedan offers a minimalist design. The good thing is that the seats are customizable and you can have them sized according to your preference. There is a central touchscreen and there are releases for door and engine start-button overhead. McLaren has used lightweight glass for the windows and have given a split style to them.


The Senna has amazing aerodynamics and it can produce up to 800 kg of downforce and the active aerodynamics help the car to use the vertical force. The active aerodynamics are one of the best McLaren Senna specs and they help the driver to attain good speed. McLaren Senna top speed is around 211 mph and at this speed the wings adjust the downforce to keep the speed.


McLaren Senna features are overall very impressive and it is one of the most awaited luxurious sedans showing up in the future. Since the deliveries will start next year, we have a long time to give a hands-on McLaren review to our readers.


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