Marvel Strike Force: Featuring Your Favorite Super Heroes In The Game


We already know that you are a Marvel fan and there are lots of Marvel things on your mobile. Be it comics, shows, or movies, Marvel has never disappointed us. Well, be ready to get another big ‘Marvel thing’ on your mobile.

Marvel Entertainment and FoxNext Games recently announced that they will be launching a squad-based mobile RPG game in 2018. You will be able to choose your favorite characters from Marvel and make a team to enjoy the strategic fights in the game. According to sources, you can also pre-register for Marvel Strike Force Android or Marvel Strike Force iOS at


If you pre-register, you’ll get 50,000 gold, 500 power cores, and a 3-stare dare devil to start. As soon as the game will be released, you’ll also be able to download the Marvel Strike force Apk to install the game manually.

Marvel Strike Force Features:

marvel strike force

Marvel Strike Force will feature all the main characters from the Marvel series such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Black Widow, Venom, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Dare Devil, Gamora, and others. You have to team up with SHIELD’s Nick Fury and fight with the different rivals from the past, present, and future of this series.

There are no details for the Marvel Strike Force features such as the price and the gameplay yet and we don’t even know what will the game currency look like either. We just know that the game will be different from other games in many aspects. The only thing we are sure about is that the Marvel’s Super heroes will fight with the Super Villains to save the earth. The game will involve different types of combat strategies and it will use one of the best graphics and visual aids to surprise the Marvel fans.

marvel strike force

The Marvel Strike Force Apk Download will allow you to install the game for free, because right now we don’t know whether the game will be available for free or at some price at the Play Store or App Store. For pre-registration, you’ll have to enter your Facebook login details too and then you’ll get the bonuses as mentioned earlier. In the past we have also seen other Marvel mobile games such as the ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ and the ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’ from Kabam and Jam City’s TinyCo respectively. The game developed by Kabam was a huge hit and it was able to gross $100 million in less than 8 months only.


Marvel Strike Force is going to be the first release by FoxNext from its new Los Angeles Studio and all the Marvel fans are waiting eagerly for it. Seeing your favorite characters being featured in the game is a big treat and this time not one, but many superheroes will be featured in this mobile game. The game will use some of the best graphics and gameplay strategies and it will reach your mobiles in 2018. We hope that all the Marvel fans enjoyed this Marvel Strike Force review and are looking forward to know more about the game. Watch the teaser below:


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