Make Your Home More Secure with Security Surveillance Systems

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Security surveillance system is designed to keep an eye on the home and business it provides a feeling of security. It is an idea that there is an eye on everything. By everything, we mean an eye providing security surveillance to your property, home, family, and business. Although it is possible to ensure almost everything, still you do not want any intruder to find his way to your treasured belongings. Hence, security surveillance system can be an eye to the house while you are away.

The main components of the security surveillance system are:

  • The surveillance unit- cameras
  • Wires or cables to connect the cameras with power adaptors
  • Screens for surveillance
  • Hard drive for storage or the video recorders

Options are available in cameras in terms of resolution, wires, and wireless cameras, black and white images cameras, Analog and IP cameras, cameras made for license plate capture and many more. The choice is big as per the specific need. Some cameras can work in extreme weather conditions. The cameras function in different ways as per the type of security surveillance system. Some record only the real-time feed while others store all the footage depending on the need.


The security surveillance system is becoming popular gradually. Whether you need a security surveillance system or not, it depends on many factors. Security surveillance can be designed for a small home or a large corporation. It is rightly remarked that cameras see everything, and they can go everywhere.

  • Security surveillance systems are used by schools, businesses, and public places. Stores, buildings, and facilities need them. The security surveillance is added to railway stations, bus terminals, airports, subways, and streets. They are mounted to identify criminals and crime. Besides, camera phones are doing well in this respect. The security surveillance system is often connected to IP network, which is being watched by a security officer or a guard.
  • Video security surveillance cameras attached in the public places help in identifying any criminals when the crime is caught on tape. They use face recognition technology to identify suspicious persons.
  • Some employers use security surveillance system to keep a watch over the employees throughout the day and week. They use monitoring software and sometimes mention in their handouts about monitoring the activities of the employees. They can listen to the phone calls, check, and see what employees are up to and have been doing on the internet.

Positioning of the Camera:

The camera must cover all the entry and exit points. The surveillance system or the camera should point in the right direction. It should be placed in a manner to watch over your asset. If it is being installed in a garage, the surveillance camera should point in the direction where the car is parked. If the camera is mounted on the lighting post outdoor, it will monitor a good view of the road.

Security System

Analogy cameras tend to be on the bulkier equipment side and not to forget all of those wires. In fact, these are not different from their previous counterparts – the difference being here is that they go for Ethernet cable rather than composite wireless communication.

Analog cameras are an old favorite. Most companies spent years researching on solutions for installing security systems. Such systems are still analog because replacement or even converting an entire system is a large investment and companies do not wish to do it. If a company is starting a fresh, IP cameras are cheaper and can capture better quality images.


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