Magic Leap One- The First Augmented Reality Goggles


As the Augmented Reality (AR) Revolution is taking everything by storm, many tech-enthusiasts are looking towards gadgets that can make it easier for them to enjoy the technology. The good news is that, you can now buy your own AR goggles and enjoy the magical world of science and technology.

Magic Leap is not a well-known name but now we’re sure it will become a household. Magic Leap is the founder of Secretive startup and it has just announced their first augmented reality glasses and it is making big news. Magic Leap One is the new AR glasses which will be available with a remote and a computing platform. Magic Leap One release date has been revealed and it will be launched in 2018. These glasses will allow the people to interact with computers and technology in a new way. If you are one of those who are waiting for Magic Leap One Review, this post is for you.



Magic Leap One Price:

Magic Leap One price is not known yet and everyone is still wondering how much will it cost. Magic Leap is free to set its own price range because there are no competitors in the market. Magic Leap is going to introduce the AR glasses for the first time and thus this thing is new to the tech-world. Google Glass is priced at $1500 and mostly the developer kits are quite expensive but they are cheaper than the consumer versions. Magic Leap One price will soon be revealed and then you can start making a budget to buy it.

Magic Leap One Features:

Magic Leap One is not just a pair of AR glasses but they are equipped with lots of features and advance technology. Magic Leap One uses lightfield photonics and it generates digital lights of different depths to produce digital objects that are close to reality. In short, the technology fools the mind to think that the artificial things and objects are natural.


The company has still kept Magic Leap One specs under cover. The company has assured the use of a high-powered chipset with a user-friendly and advanced interface. It will use the digital lightfield technology which will allow the brain to process digital objects in the same way it processes the natural things in the world. This way, you’ll be able to have a virtual screen beside the monitor of your computer or on your desk, and also have a crocodile crawling on the rug in your room. As a user, you’ll be able to make use of the Magic Leap One features and fill your living spaces with lots of things that you want to experience.


The Magic Leap One will be available with a lightpack and a controller. The little lightpack will process and power the headset and is connected to it through wires. The lightpack is very small and comfortable enough to be worn along with the headset. The controller will allow you to control the headset and make it work with AR experiences.


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