Life of Boris Super Slav Hack, Cheats and Tricks

Life of Boris super slav

Life of Boris Super Slav is one of the most fun and entertaining YouTube channel, and now a game has been developed too featuring the celebrity. We don’t need to say that the game is as funny and addictive as the videos are because it definitely is.

The game is about the original story of Boris and if you want to go through the story first, you can choose the story mode. The tasks are extremely funny, for example the first task is to fill the mayonnaise jar by tapping onto it. As you complete the tasks, the levels get completed and you have to earn the Super Slav title so that you can qualify for the Slavonic Olympics. Life of Boris Super Slav iOS and Android versions are easily available on the respective stores and you can also use the Life of Boris Super Slav Apk to download it manually on your Android device.


life of boris super slav

Life of Boris Super Slav tips and guide:

life of boris super slav

The game is overall easy and fun but if you want to take a shortcut, you can use the Life of Boris Super Slav cheats and tricks to progress  in the game. There are various Life of Boris Super Slav hacks also available which you can use to generate unlimited resources. Following are some tips and tricks to help you out in the game:

Level 1:

First you have to collect the CD by tapping the small item on the board towards right. You will get a collectible now, and now you can proceed by swiping left on the screen. Swipe on Boris’s hands so that he starts typing and now tap the screen.

Level 2:

You have to reveal Boris by tapping the matryoshka doll. Now swipe the handle to left and that’s it.

Level 3:

Tap the right side of the car in such a way that two characters fall over it. You will fail in the level but still you’ll be able to collect the CD. To complete the level you can now tap the floating coat to the left of the car, the shoes below the car, and the pants to the right.

Level 4:

You have to make the car ready to go. To do this tap the flour to the left of the car and the milk carton to the right of it. Do the same with the eggs.

Level 5:

Tap the potato that is on the door and take it to the right. Now drag it over the car.

Bottom Line:

So, here were some tips and a short Life of Boris Super Slav overview of the first five levels of this game so that you can start easily. You can also visit Life of Boris Super Slav Forum where you’ll be able to find various tips, tricks, cheats, and hacks. You will need many hints throughout the game and you can also get unlimited number of hints by using the hacks.


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