LG’s 88-inch LCD: World’s First 8K OLED Display

A 77-inch LG Signature W OLED television is displayed during the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., January 5, 2017. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

As we have stepped into the New Year, the CES 2018 season has begun and all the big brands are racing with each other to be the best during the show. Without the introduction of the top-notch and advanced TVs, the CES 2018 will be incomplete. The Television industry is also full of big names, and with so much competition going around, LG has managed to make the first entry.

LG has recently announced the introduction of a mind-blowing 88-inch 8K resolution OLED TV in this year’s CES show. Previously, the largest panel was the 77-inch LG 4K TV which currently costs around $20,000. The LG’s 88-inch LCD is going to be the world’s first 8K OLED display and people are more than just excited to see this eye-popping thing at the CES 2018.

LG 88-inch LCD Features:


The TV manufacturing industry is getting as competitive and aggressive as the smart phones industry is these days. The OLED display of this LG TV is likely to have the best contrast levels and super-rich blacks, and with a resolution of 7680X4320 the company is all set to give a hard time to its competitors. LG has manufactured the TV in such a way that higher resolution is achieved without compromising the LG 8K OLED picture quality. The design and brightness is excellent because the high resolution is not achieved by reducing the size of the pixels or the aperture ratio.

The OLED display has put LG on top of the big panels while Samsung has started using Quantum LED or QLED. LG 88 inch LCD features are almost double in performance as compared to the previous 77-inch TV. It has almost double the resolution and the display is 9 inches more than the previous model too. The best thing about this TV is the brightness has not been sacrificed because the OLED displays are self-emissive. LG 88 inch OLED display features are one of the best ones on the market and it will feature top-notch picture quality, vibrant images and wider viewing angles.

According to the Chief technology officer and executive vice president of LG, the 8K OLED technology is a milestone and it is the leader of the next-generation technology of TVs. Generally this high resolution is attained by reducing the size of the pixels and this causes the brightness and picture quality to get degraded. However, LG has managed to achieve this resolution without damaging the brightness and design and that’s the reason this TV is a masterpiece.

The 33 million pixels of self-emissive OLED technology in this display will deliver an impressive image quality and will allow the users to see even the most delicate images clearly. OLED TVs are already well-known for providing amazing user experience and this LG 8K OLED TV will manage to deliver unmatched performance. This announcement by LG has been made at a time when LG is increasing its production capacity and planning to set up a new plant outside Korea. The LG 88 inch LCD price is not known yet but we are expecting that it will be a very expensive one.


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