LG G7: News and Rumors


LG proved its presence in the MWC 2018 show but that was only by introducing the improved version of LG V30. When LG G6 was introduced, it was considered as a major upgrade as compared to its predecessor. LG introduced many changes in the design and the thin bezels were also considered as a big upgrade.

According to LG, G7 won’t be launched at the MWC 2018 event and thus we’ll have to wait more for the LG G7 release date. Below you’ll find the LG G7 review based on rumors and speculations because there is no confirm news regarding the LG G7 features or specs.


LG G7 Price:

Since the LG G7 release date is not known yet, we can’t say anything about its price either. However, we can say that the LG G7 price won’t be cheap because other LG flagship phones have always been expensive. According to our speculations, the LG G7 price will be around $700 to $730, which is not affordable but still cheaper than the Samsung flagship phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9.

LG G7 Features:

According to some LG G7 leaks, the phone won’t be a part of the G series anymore. However, LG used the name G7 on its websites so any news regarding the change of the name is still a rumor. According to other LG G7 news, the phone will be very powerful as LG is working with Qualcomm to make sure that the new flagship phone comes with a Snapdragon 845.

LG G7 features are not confirmed yet but we can speculate a lot of things from the rumors. The LG G7 display could be a 6-inch MLCD one with an aspect ratio of 18:9. There is nothing known regarding the screen resolution but most likely it will be a QHD+. We saw some of the LG G7 images which showed that the device will have a dual camera setup with f/1.6 aperture lenses and 16 MP sensors.

LG is also known for designing phones with removable batteries and we can expect this to be one of the LG G7 specs too. According to a journalist, LG has designed this new flagship phone from the scratch and that he saw a device named as ‘Neo’ with Snapdragon 845, an iPhone X-style notch, a rear facing fingerprint scanner, DTS-X surround sound, and a 3,000 mAh battery. Another source claims that a phone named ‘Judy’ will arrive in June and it’s quite larger than LG G6 and has a MLCD+ display.


There are so many LG G7 news and we have listed the most authentic ones in this LG G7 review. The LG G6 had a flat shape at the front and it was a bit curved at the back and we are expecting LG G7 to have a new and cool branded curve look. LG G7 images tell us that the phone will be a slim and sleek one with a large display and reduced bezels. As the LG G7 release date will be confirmed, we’ll know more about the device’s features such as display, camera, battery, and performance.


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