Lenovo Smart Display With Google Assistant Integration


Google Assistant has made its way to almost all types of gadgets such as speakers, headphones, and TVs, but the best integration of this Virtual AI is in the smart displays. Google recently announced its partnerships with other companies to manufacture smart displays with an integration of Google Assistant. This announcement of Lenovo Smart Display was made at CES 2018 and its release date is expected in summer. Now the Amazon Echo Show has a competitor and Lenovo’s entry at CES this year has inspired a lot of people. Our Lenovo Smart Display review will let you know more about this advanced and smart display.

Lenovo Smart Display Price:

Lenovo Smart Display price is starting at $199 for the 8-inch model and $249 for the 10-inch model. The gadget is overall affordable, and with the Google Assistant integration, it delivers excellent value for this price.



Lenovo Smart Display has a unique and stylish design. While the Echo Show looked a bit retro-styled in appearance, this smart display has modern looks. The Lenovo Smart Display size and overall design is minimalistic and it is available in two variants; the 8-inch model and the 10-inch model. The 8-inch model has a soft gray color on the back and has a white trim too while the 10-inch model has a bamboo style texture on the back and a white trim. So, there are no particular Lenovo Smart Display colors and there’s a difference of the back style only.

Both of the models have a speaker at the front and there are other controls are also present on the top. The Smart display can either be placed vertically or horizontally and either ways it looks very stylish. The controls present on this gadget are volume button, camera switch, and a mic on/off switch.



One of the best Lenovo Smart Display features is that it has a high definition resolution. The resolution of this smart display is 1280X800 pixels for the 8-inch screen and a resolution of 1920X1200 for the 10-inch screen. The best thing is that we’ll be able to watch YouTube videos, which we couldn’t do on Echo Spot or Echo Show. The display features clean and crisp images of whatever you want to browse or go through. All of the Lenovo Smart Display specs haven’t revealed yet but we have an idea of the main features that we’ll get to see in these high-end device.


The Lenovo Smart Display features are designed to enable you to do all the things that you wish to do easily. It is very easy to setup and when you connect the device to the Google Assistant, you can start saying commands immediately. You can ask about the weather, search for recipes, look for directions, and do a lot of things that you find difficult otherwise. The display has home screen tabs that can also be customized according to the routine and preference of the user. Though the audio is not the best, but it can easily understand your commands and give you maximum output.


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