iPhone X Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which Is The Winner?

iphone x vs note 8

Apple and Samsung are the biggest competitors of each other and their flagship phones are always compared at numerous platforms. With every new release of a phone or tablet, the battle between the two continues and the mobile industry seems like a battle ground.

iPhone X was officially launched in the end of October while Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was revealed in the mid of September. But the question is, how do the phones compare to their rivals? No doubt both the flagship phones are the high-end ones with top-notch specs but there are some pros and cons attached to both of the devices. Let’s go deeper into this clash of the smartphones.



iPhone X

Apple has always paid a lot of attention to the design and thus iPhones normally have a striking and bold design. IPhone X has a larger screen than its predecessors and most of the sensors and facial recognition features have taken over the screen. It has a glass sandwich design which makes it a bit vulnerable to accidents and impacts so if you are a rough user, stay away from this handset.

Note 8

Samsung Note 8 has an all-screen edge-to-edge design at the front with no bezels and the fingerprint sensor is present at the back. Since the Note 8 also has a glass sandwich design, it is equally fragile as the iPhone X. However, its curved edge-to-edge display and compactness is better than the iPhone X.


Note 8

Samsung used OLED displays in its phones and this always gave an advantage to it over Apple. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are still using LCD screens but iPhone X has an OLED screen just like all the Samsung phones have. Also, the supplier of this OLED screen is Samsung itself. The resolution of iPhone X is 2436 X 1125 at 458 ppi. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features 2960 X 1440 resolution and is packed with 521 ppi and thus its resolution is far better than the iPhone X. Though iPhone X doesn’t have that sharp screen but it has done better in terms of brightness, color, and contrast.

iPhone X


iPhone 7 and 7 plus had dual rear cameras and this feature became a hit in 2016. Samsung has also used this feature in Note 8 and it has two cameras at the rear; a 12 MP camera with f/1.7 aperture and another 12 MP camera with f/2.4 aperture. Just like iPhone X, you can use the live focus mode which is similar to the iPhone X’s Live Focus mode. However, with Note 8 you can also adjust the focus before and after you’ve captured a pic, and with iPhone X’s camera you can’t do that.

Battery Life:

Iphone X and Galaxy Note 8, both have good battery lives but Samsung’s battery is better. According to the Tom’s Guide Battery test, The Note 8 lasted for 11 hours and 11 minutes while the iPhone X battery lasted for 10 hours and 49 minutes.


Lastly, if we compare the price of both these giants, Note 8 is less pricier than the iPhone X. The iPhone X starts at $999 while the Note 8 starting price is $950. Both of these flagship phones are the top-line ones but the Note 8 gets more points for its design, camera, battery life, price, and overall performance. So, it’ll all depend on you if you have to choose between the two because both are high-end phones and are packed with amazing features.


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