Intel Core i5 8500: Countdown to the Best    


We have all known Intel since our childhoods. Starting from the Pentium series to the dual core and now the multi core processors, Intel has ruled over the years. Recently, the Company has decided to expand its production to the 8th gen series. Secretly codenamed as the “Coffee Lake” desktop processors, these are set to arrive to the technology world very soon.

Intel Core i5 8500 Specs

The first series of processors in this generation would include core i5 8400 and core i5 8500. According to our sources, one of the most awaited among them was revealed recently. Intel Core i5 8500 is especially designed for gamers. It comes with 6 cores running at 3.0 GHz Base Clock, compared to Core i5 8400, which has a 2.80GHz Base Clock.


The information regarding the Intel Core i5 8500-leaked model has so far kept us all on nerves and we seriously cannot wait for it to hit the markets. They will arrive in Q1-2018 with the two cost-effective motherboards such as B360 Express and H310 Express.

As per the core i5 8400 review, we know that it has a 4.0 GHz Turbo boost so, the 8500 might have a renewed 4.3 GHz turbo boost. Besides, it has 6 cores and 6 threads with 9 MB of shared L3 cache and a TDP rating of 65W.

Lastly, there are also a couple of features added to this generation of processors. It includes advanced vector extensions, advanced encryption standard instruction set extension, turbo boost technology, advanced speed step technology, a secure key technology and identity protection technology.

Intel Core i5 8500 Price

The prices are expected to be a little higher considering the quality standards. Intel launched its Core i5 8400 at $189 so the Intel Core i5 8500 price could reach at least 200$ or maybe more than that. The retail prices could go higher as all retailers locally keep a 10-15% margin above the market price.

Intel Core i5 8500 Availability

So far, there hasn’t been a confirmed announcement yet. However, based on the rumours, core i5 8500 will be available around February.

Conferring to the Intel Core i5 8500 review from different tabloids and social media platforms, we know that this set of processors are definitely one to look out for. Especially if you are gamer, then this is the right fit for you.


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