How to Install an Aluminum Fence?

Aluminum Fence

Installing an aluminum fence is quite easy and simple to do. Here you can check out the guide as to how to install an aluminum fence.

Besides, if you are interested in getting and buying a traditional aluminum fence or aluminum balcony railings or any kind of aluminum fence gates, then get in touch with and contact Jiefeng. Below, we have mentioned the complete steps of this installation process:


Step 1

Aluminum Fence

The very first step is to collect all of the needed and important materials which you want for installing an aluminum fence.

Apart from aluminum fencing products, you will be requiring a post hole digger, a level and a screwdriver. You will also need a shovel, a rubber mallet and too concrete mix.

Step 2

The next step is to decide what kind of slope you want for your aluminum fence. We have seen that a large of homeowners, they prefer to go for a raked fence slope.

Such a slope layout manages to bring a uniform space right under the fence and does not create any of the major gaps.

Furthermore, if you want to figure out what sort of sloping you can go for, then the best and suitable method is to measure the slope exactly on the steepest six-foot section.

Besides, if it comes out to be less than 12 inches, you can go for rake style. And if it is more than 12 inches, then you have to go for stair-step the panels.

Step 3

Aluminum Fence

Before you plan to go for digging stage, you have to ensure and confirm that you are not hitting or targeting any of the utilities accidentally or by mistake which are buried completely beneath the surface.

Once you have got this confirmation, then you can line up and streamline your fencing pieces all along the string outline which you have developed. By doing so, you can have the assurance and guarantee that you have marked the measurements on point.

Now, you can start with your digging job. It is with the help of a post hole digger that you can dig the holes to install your aluminum fence. Most importantly, you have to make sure that the holes remain wider at the bottom for the sake of maximum stability.

Step 4

Most certainly, the next step is to set the gate posts and also end posts, and corner posts completely into the correct holes. Start to make the concrete mix and that you can pour it into the hole.

Moreover, that concrete mix should be anchored firmly into the ground so that a stable base can be created. Fill up the holes with that concrete mix. Even more, do check and verify that the post is level and also adjusted as required and needed.

Allow the concrete to dry completely before you reach to the final step of your aluminum fence installation process.

Step 5

Aluminum Fence

The last step is to intact your gate posts, end posts, and also corner posts. Attach the line sections with all of the posts together. Dig the holes and slide a fence section into its specified and particular place.

You can even anchor the line post so that you can later on check whether you have leveled it properly or not. Furthermore, continue this process. It means move from section to line post and then vice versa.

Besides, you can secure the sections with the help of screws. To cut one of the sections for further fitting and adjustment, you can then make use of a hacksaw.

As soon as you see that the entire and whole aluminum fence is in place, then you can right away install the gate by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

This is how to install aluminum fencing. Keep in mind all of the important points and install such a fencing on your own.

The golden rule is to keep on checking the angles and levels if you have been given the job to install aluminum fencing.


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