Instagram Tests a new Feature for Stories – called ‘TYPE’


Instagram has been on a roll lately. From a relativity small picture sharing application to the next big social media platform, they have massively improved their game. Their creativity and design can be seen through the recent number of updates in its stories and chat features.

Instagram’s Stories are one of the most effective ways of communication. Whether you share an image or a video, you know how fast it is to stay in touch with your circle of friends and let them know what you are up to. However sometimes, images are not as much as plain text. This is the reason why Instagram is testing new ‘Type’ feature – that puts more focus on written stories.

What is Instagram’s new ‘Type’ feature?

So basically, Instagram’s feature for written stories is much more than it seems to be. It is a simple concept but would be more real in making conversations than just the pictures. The feature shows up as an option at the bottom of the Stories, next to other choices such as Hands-free, Boomerang and Rewind.

After writing yourself a story through Instagram’s new feature, you can choose from multiple fonts and background. The backgrounds include plain, modern, neon, typewriter and many others. After that, you can also add your own customized picture and emoticons as well in the background. This can be a great alternative to media, or to when situations you don’t feel like posting an image or a video as a story.

Instagram’s new type feature was secretly spotted, first in December when it was introduced for users in Japan. Later on, it was used in among all devices in Europe and Asia.

Previous Workings

In a way, Instagram’s new feature is not very different from what it already had before. In order to write a story, you had to snap a picture, click on the pen tool at the top right, select your desired colour and press and hold the screen to create a blank surface to write on. But after the new update, the blank screen appears as default with whatever colour background you want to add in. this also gives a flair of its sister application Facebook’s status updates.


Instagram’s feature for writing stories may as well be a huge hit as the application’s other features are. Not forgetting its famous boomerangs or the direct messages, Instagram’s platform is widely accepted by the youth. In other news, the Company is set to release another update soon which will notify users if someone takes a screenshot of their posted stories. Previously, it supported notifications for screenshot of direct messages, but this is happening for the first time after Snapchat introduced this concept in its app.

However, to cut you some slack, Instagram will only notify you after the second attempt, leaving you innocent after the first one.


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