InFocus is going to roll out 2 new smartphones on September 13, 2017


Situated in Oregon, InFocus was founded in 1986 as a privately owned company. The co-founders of this company are Steve Hix and Paul Gulick. Initially, the company was producing projectors and touchscreens. However, after a few ups and downs, InFocus started the production of smartphones, tablets and LCD televisions for China, Taiwan and other East Asian markets. At this time, the company was in partnership with FIH Mobile Ltd. (富智康) and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (鴻海精密). 2 years ago, the company made its entry in the Indian market in July, 2015.

Now, InFocus is ready to launch InFocus Turbo 5 Plus and InFoc Snap 4 smartphones in India. The launch is scheduled to be held on September 13, 2017. Recently, media invites had been sent out from the company but these invites did not reveal the names of the smartphones. However, we were clever enough to find out the names from the teasers released by InFocus.


InFocus Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus Specifications

All thanks to the teasers, we were able to find out the specs of these new smartphones. Both phones will have a dual camera setup at the back. The cameras have been positioned horizontally alongside a dual LED flash. The Snap 4 has a circular fingerprint sensor and it is located at the back. However, the Turbo 5 Plus will have the fingerprint sensor in the front. Actually, it is going to be embedded into the home button. The power and volume buttons are placed on the right edge and a 4850 mAh battery is being used for the Turbo 5 Plus. This is all we know about this smartphone since the company did not release any information itself. Likewise, there is not much information regarding the InFocus Snap 4 specifications.

InFocus Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus Price

No information has been released about the prices of the smartphones as well. But, we do know that Turbo 5 Plus is a successor to Turbo 5 which was released recently in June. The Turbo 5 had 2 variants: 2GB RAM/16GB storage and 3GB RAM/32GB storage. The former variant was sold for Rs6,999 while the latter had a price of Rs7,999.

Accordingly, we can assume that the 2 new smartphones are going to be priced at a higher level this time. So, the price is estimated to be around Rs10,000.

InFocus Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus Release Date

As mentioned earlier, the 2 new smartphones are going to be launched in India on September 13, 2017. Special media invites have been sent out by the company to increase the publicity of the new smartphones. Apart from this, the company has also shared teasers on social media platforms to create hype for their new high end smartphones. Hopefully, the smartphones will live up to this publicity.

InFocus Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus Leak images

The teaser that was released by the company was a big help to analysts in figuring out the few details that they were able to scavenge. Check out the teaser here:


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