Huawei To Take Apple’s Position as World’s Second Largest Smartphone Maker For The First Time

Huawei beats Apple in manufacturing

Apple is one of the best smart phone manufacturers in the world. It has been awarded as world’s second largest smart phone selling brand since 2001. In the race for technology, other phone brands are also actively taking part and making a lot of effort to reach the top. There have been rumors that Apple is now dropping to the third position for the first time.

According to DigiTimes, there are high chances for the Chinese company Huawei to take the place of apple as second largest smart phone manufacturer of the world. This report was presented based on the shipments and selling rate of the mobiles during July throughout the September.

The report says that Huawei’s new affordable models are attracting a huge number of people with its extraordinary features. Honor-branded smartphones like Mate 9 and P10 are gaining momentum that ought to be enough to overtake iPhone in upcoming months.

According to a report of Research Firm Strategy Analytics, more than 38 million smartphones were shipped by Huawei in last quarter. Keeping in account multiple factors, they believe that same number of units will be shipped this quarter or even more.

Is Huawei better than Apple

On the other hand, if we talk about iPhone, 41 million iPhones were shipped last quarter. But there are rumors that total shipment could drop this quarter. The reason is most of the iPhone users are eagerly waiting for iPhone8 instead of buying other models.

When the CEO of Apple was asked related to these rumors, his response was that if these talks are based on truth, then there might be some pause in their sales. However, Apple hasn’t yet reported lower iPhone sales since 2011.

If the customers are indeed waiting and holding off, then it will be a great impact on the smart phone industry, for this going to be the first turn down since last six years. It won’t be wrong if we say that Apple will no longer be in top two spots of largest smartphone makers.

If we look at the other aspect, then these rumors can be just empty threats. It is possible for Apple to launch iPhone 8 in early September and ship this model by mid-September. With the high demand of new iPhone, Apple can still maintain its position in the industry because this quarter isn’t going to end until September. If it happens, then there are no chances of Huawei to outpace the Apple because of iPhone’s high sales.

Whether ranked second or third, it doesn’t matter to Apple. All they are concerned about is their end customer sales. For, they are gaining overwhelming profit in the smart phone industry which is enough for them to take this ranking thing lightly. But on the other hand, if Huawei succeeds in beating the iconic iPhone, then it will be a grand achievement for them. Because surpassing the world’s best smart phone company isn’t a piece of cake.


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