Huawei P11 Price, Rumors and Release Date


Huawei P10 was released earlier this year in March and now as the end of this year is approaching, we’ve started to hear the rumors of the upcoming Huawei smartphone, P11. Huawei P10 was a good flagship smartphone but it wasn’t an all time hit because of the not-so-innovative features and design.

We thus decided to dig more into the Huawei P11 price, rumors and release date. According to our expectations, the phone will be released at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 just like P10 was released at MWC 2017. In this Huawei P11 review we’ll let you know about all the leaked specs and rumors related to the device.


Huawei P11 Leaked Specs:


Huawei P11 price is not clear yet and we are expecting a decrease in price because the previous model was too expensive. There are some rumors about the Huawei P11 design and we’re hearing that it will be the same expected metal base design. According to some Huawei P11 leaked images the phone has an almost bezel-less design and resembles somewhat to the iPhone X too.

Another big news is that, Huawei P11 is going to be the first phone featuring a triple-lens camera. This news is not yet to be believed but since it has been released by the firm’s creative agencies, we can expect something like that. It seems like the phone will feature a 40 MP triple-lens camera and will feature a five times hybrid zoom. The selfie camera is expected to be a 24 MP one to shoot some of the best selfies. Overall, the phone’s best feature is going to be the camera.


Huawei P11 display will be an IPS 5.8 inch ultra-tall screen, a 3 GHz Kirin 970 octa-core processor and a 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM. You can also expand the 64 GB internal storage and benefit from the powerful 3,200 mAh battery.

What do we expect to see in Huawei P11?

Apart from these rumored specs, we are expecting a lot of other specs and features in this phone. We wish that the weaknesses of P10 won’t be repeated in the next flagship phone and that the features will be more advanced. Huwei P10’s voice assistant didn’t come with an easy to use interface. There was a lack of Google Assistant in the device and now we’re expecting to see it on Huawei P11.

P10 had a poor battery life and we are expecting that this feature is also going to be improved. All the big brand phones like Samsung and Apple have a selling feature and to compete with them, Huawei must introduce P11 with a better battery life and a lower price too. The overall design and build quality of P10 was good but it will be nicer if P11 will have a number of colors to choose from and a sapphire glass to protect the chassis. If you’re being too impatient to wait till February or march 2018, we have some Huawei P11 wallpapers for you and also the smartphone’s first look video which you can watch below:


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