HTC Vive Pro- Get A Professional-Grade VR Experience

htc vive pro

HTC recently announced its advanced and upgraded VR headset at the CES 2018. HTC’s new Vive Pro is now being considered as the best VR headset as it can improve the audio and visual characteristics and has an increased resolution too.

The HTC Vive Pro is designed especially for gamers, movie freaks, developers and anyone who want a VR experience. HTC has fulfilled the wishes of many fans by improving the resolution as compared to the original. This drastic increase in the resolution will improve the user experience by far as it is a big leap forward in the performance. HTC Vive Pro release date has not been revealed yet but it is expected to arrive in the first quarter of this year. This HTC Vive Pro review will help you have an idea of this gadget


HTC Vive Pro Price:

HTC vive pro

The HTC Vive Pro Price is not yet confirmed yet but we are expecting that its price tag will be revealed soon. If you’re thinking that this new HTC Vive Pro will be priced more or less same as the HTC Vive original, then you’re mistaken. The president of VR at HTC has recently announced that the HTC Vive Pro is going to be more expensive than all the other gadgets. However, if budget is not the issue, we recommend you considering this option as HTC Vive Pro is going to offer the best VR experience of all time.

HTC Vive Pro Features:

HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro is one of the best VR headsets available on the market because of its high resolution and other top-notch specs. The resolution of this headset is 2,880 X 1600 pixels which is 78% more than the original HTC Vive. The pixel count has increased from 448 to 615 ppi and this will improve the viewing experience and make images and videos look more crisp and clear.

The built-in earphones will improve the quality by far because they use an in-line amplifier. One of the best HTC Vive Pro features is that it is equipped with 3D sound and it can amazingly block the noise from the surroundings. If we talk about the comfort, there is not much difference as compared to the original Vive but these ones offer a better and snug fit.

The increase in resolution has made it far better than its competitors such as the Oculus Rift. The Vive Pro is also equipped with cameras and dual microphones which can improve the picking ability of the voice. If you’re a VR enthusiast and looking forward for some excellent VR experience, this gadget will prove to be a magnificent one for you.


HTC Vive Pro will allow you to find new apps and discover more things without removing the headset. There is a subscription service model which allows you to download and use five interesting titles. HTC Vive Pro is lighter, compact and more comfortable and it offers a smooth VR experience. The introduction of HTC Vive Pro is one step forward towards improving the VR world because it is equipped with all the high-end features that a VR headset should have.



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