How to Protect your PC from the Worst Bugs ‘Meltdown and Spectre’

Meltdown and Spectre

Are you worried about the safety of your PC after hearing some news regarding the latest CPU bugs? Do you want to keep your system safe and clean from such viruses? Well, worry not because we’ve gathered some tips to make sure you remain unaffected from these flaws.

What are these bugs?

Meltdown and Spectre


According to latest news, two worst CPU bugs named as ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ have been reported to cause flaws in the processors designed by ARM, AMD, and Intel. These flaws were discovered by some academic and industry researches and Security researchers at Google’s Project Zero. According to these researchers, these flaws are affecting virtually all types of modern computers, PCs, smartphones, and PCs.

Daniel Gruss is a researcher at Graz University of Technology and he is one of those who discovered these flaws. According to him, Meltdown is one of the worst CPU bugs in the history. This bug is currently affecting the Intel processors that are manufactured since 1995. These bugs allow hackers and intruders to break the hardware or barrier between the computer’s core memory and the apps that are run by the users. The Spectre flaw is affecting processors manufactured by different brands such as AMD, ARM, and Intel. This flaw is allowing the hackers to decode the secret information. According to Gruss, this flaw is harder to deal with and can cause more harm in the future.

How to protect your system from these flaws?

Meltdown and Spectre

Since these flaws have been discovered recently, the researchers are still compiling the list of software and anti-viruses that are needed to protect the systems from these viruses. Intel has recently introduced a detection tool for the Windows and Linux users to make it easier for the users to check whether their system is affected by this bug or not. Till the OEMs release the Intel firmware update, we recommend our readers to stay vigilant and take necessary measures to protect their systems.

If you own a laptop or PC, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have the latest updates for Windows 10 and BIOS from the PC manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Till now there is no tool available that could allow the users to check the protection of Windows updates and firmware. Thus, you should do it manually in the following way:

  • Update to the latest version of Firefox 57 or Chrome (January 23rd).
  • Check the Windows update and make sure that KB4056892 is installed for Windows 10.
  • Check whether you require a PC firmware update. Use the Intel’s detection tool provided in the link above.
  • If you need a firmware update for PC or laptop, check the Intel Management Engine Critical Firmware Update and get OEM support information.

These steps will protect your PC against the Meltdown bug only because this bug is causing rapid flaws in the system. There is no information regarding the Spectre flaw and it can cause more damage in the long run. We suggest our readers to stay alert and safe.


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