How To Install iOS 11?


The iOS 11 release date was on 5th of June, 2017 when it was launched at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. This was the first developer beta version, which was then followed by the first public beta released in late June and the last version is scheduled to be launched on the 19th of Sep, 2017.

iOS 11 beta is the latest and most advanced versions of the mobile operating system and it has improved iPhone’s performance by far. It is equipped with a lot of features that can make your experience better than ever.


How to install iOS 11?

As iOS 11 beta is packed with amazing features to enhance the performance of your iOS device, you must have it installed on it. You can easily install iOS 11 on your iOS device by using the public beta sign up option. After you’ve signed up, you have to open the beta website on your iPhone or iPad using Safari and follow the instructions. After following the instructions, you’ll be able to download a software to your device. Restart your device and prepare to upgrade your device. For more information, you can check the Apple website’s instructions and know more about installing iOS 11 on your device.

Before upgrading your device, you must make a backup of it and for that, you have to follow the instructions too. Also, make sure that your device is compatible with the latest iOS version. The first step for making a back up requires connecting your device to PC or Mac and fire up iTunes and make sure that the encrypted backup is enabled. Always make sure that you have made a backup of the apps as well. To Download the iOS 11 beta, you must have a developer account.

iOS 11 features:

The iOS 11 has been developed to make your experience of using the iOS devices in a smoother and better way. Following are the main iOS 11 features:

  • The developers can easily develop augmented reality apps using the ARKit, which is a cutting edge platform and the latest technology.
  • One of the best features of this update is that you will get to use a redesigned app store. The app store contains a Today tab to help you discover new things. You can even get iOS wallpapers for iPhone 8. iOS wallpapers for iPhone X are also available on the redesigned app store.
  • The notifications and lock screen have been combined to one screen and the control center is more customizable and usable.
  • The iOS 11 beta has an updated messages app that is equipped with many exciting features such as app drawer and Apple Pay peer to peer feature.
  • There are some Siri improvements too such as a new interface and the ability of the device to translate different languages which you say.
  • There are new camera features in the beta version which include an improved image quality, optical image stabilization, and portrait mode.
  • There is an improved data tracking system, and the live photo effect is also an exciting feature of the iOS 11.

There are many other features of the iOS 11 beta version which haven’t been discussed here. Installing this iOS is very easy and we recommend it to all the iOS users to have an improved user experience.


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