How To Fix Battery Problem in iOS 11


If you have recently updated to iOS 11 on your device, you might be experiencing some sort of battery issues on it. Many users who are using the latest and most advanced version of iOS have complained about battery draining issues, but they don’t know that there are some reasons behind it. The rapid draining of battery issue is frustrating many Apple users and if you’re among them, this post will help you as we have listed some necessary tips to fix your battery problem in iOS 11.

Give it some time:

One of the main reasons that is causing the battery issues after updating the system to iOS 11 is that, most of the people are spending long time discovering new features. As the update is packed with interesting features, most of the people are spending more time in exploring and this is causing iOS battery life problems. So, waiting for a day or two is all that you need because the iOS 11 is performing various tasks in the background such as iCloud library updates, indexing photos, indexing of spotlight, photo facial recognition scans, and other tasks.


Hard Reboot:

Hard rebooting can, at times, fix the battery issue of your iPhone 8 and 8 plus issue. This is because mostly there is some sort of troublesome app or process running in the background that can cause the battery to drain. Hard rebooting can also help the iOS 11 overheating issues and improve the performance of the device. To fix iphone 8 and 8 plus battery issues, just hold down the power button and volume down button together till you see the Apple Logo. Then you just have to Reboot the device.

Check the apps:

Another good idea is to look for the apps that are causing trouble and draining the battery. One of the main iPhone 8 problems includes how to check which app drains the most battery. After you have determined which app is the largest battery sucker, you can quit those apps or spend less time on them. You can also uninstall the app if you think it affects the battery life of your device a lot.

Turn down the brightness of the screen:

We know you love a bright and vibrant screen but it consumes a lot of energy and ultimately affects the battery life. If you have recently updated to iOS 11, you must turn down the brightness of the screen so that it lasts longer. You can follow these directions to turn down the brightness of your iPhone 8:

Settings > Display & Brightness > Brightness > use the slider and move it to the low position

Turn off the app refresh in the background:

It isn’t necessary that every app on your device should be refreshed. So, turn on the refresh app option of those apps that you don’t need and this will help you with your iOS 11 problems fix. If still your iPhone 8 problems aren’t fixed, you must degrade from the iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 to have a peace of mind. Considering the iPhone 8 price, most of the people are quite annoyed because of the battery life issues, but we hope that using the above tips will help you solve the problem at hand.


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