How To Fix Android Auto Issue With Temperature Scales?


The never-ending story tale between Google and its bugs is everywhere in the news. An annoying Android auto problem has been surging the internet over the last one year. The issue is regarding the temperature scale where the users have constantly been complaining about the incorrect scale being displayed on the main units in their auto vehicles.

Android Auto Temperature Problem

Initially before the temperature problem was reported, people in the US randomly began seeing temperatures in Celsius on their auto head units, whereas people in the UK, Italy, Canada and other places had temperatures displayed in Fahrenheit. For some cases, the unit would flip-flop itself where people thought the issue was fixed but the problem reverted a few days later.


It was then recommended to clear the Android Auto app’s cache, but that did not made any difference.

The problem was first noted in November 2016, where it began rising in October 2017. During this period of one year, the number of people with the issue raised too. They began complaining to Google authorities for app updates and fixes.

Android Auto Troubleshooting

Now recently, in the light of the increasing number of users irritable about it, google announced that the bug has finally been fixed in December 2017. The troubleshooting is now available in all versions of the Google Application. This seems to have been due to a mishap with the servers, as an app update is not required but only encouraged to show the correct unit of measurements.

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Once you make the update, the temperature scale will be back to normal as it should have been in the first place. There are also steps to further guide you on the issue on the Android Auto FAQ on Google’s application page.


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