4 Ways to Dress if You’ve Got an Hourglass Figure


If you have got an hourglass shape, then there are lots of dressing ways which you can opt for. So, let us have a look at those dressing and styling ways which you can go for if you have an hourglass figure.

No doubt, attaining an hourglass figure, it is all and completely about glorious curves. You are free to wear dresses which have geometric patterns on them. Furthermore, look for the dresses which accentuate your waistline.

Besides, if you are interested in knowing how to get an hourglass figure, then sooner we are going to share more writings on it.

1- Wear Wrap Dresses and Belted Sweater OutfitsWear Wrap Dresses and Belted Sweater Outfits

You might be wondering what magic is done by these wrap dresses and belted sweater outfits? Here we will tell you. You can specifically wear these dresses if you have an hourglass figure.

Such dresses draw heavy attention right towards your waist. Most probably, they help you accentuating and highlighting your curvy shape. Having such a figure, you are free to wear bias-cut frocks, waist ties, wrap dresses.

You will also look lovely in bodycon sweater dresses. And you can further accessorize such a dress by wearing a thin belt.


2- Go for Wearing Fitted Button-down Shirts and Crop TopsWearing Fitted Button-down Shirts and Crop Tops

In addition to, you should wear fitted button-down shirts and crop tops if you have specifically got an hourglass figure. These dresses offer you the simple way to show off your waistline.

Make sure that your button-down shirts, as well as your blouses, is well tailored. They should give your waist an excellent fitting effect.

Your hourglass figure can look more ruling if you start to wear crop tops. Go for some cropped top or stretch-knit top or be it some decorative top worn and then fuse it with a high-waist skirt or pants.


3- Wear V-neck Sweaters and Belted CoatsWear V-neck Sweaters and Belted Coats

Next, we have the option for you of wearing V-neck sweaters and belted coats. These are exceptionally lightweight and figure-hugging dresses. To make your body figure more accentuating, it is advised to wear oval- or V-neckline dresses.

Go on wearing outfits that have got turtlenecks and square necks. On the other hand, belted coats and jackets, well-tailored coats, form-fitting A-line coats are further good options for you.

Besides, the trends of wearing puffer coats and too boxy straight coats, they are heavily loved by those women who have this ideal body type.

4- Plan to Wear High-Waist and Wide-Leg TrousersWear High-Waist and Wide-Leg Trousers

Lastly, you are going to look lovely if you start to wear and style up your body upon wearing high waist and wide-leg trousers. Having this kind of body type, you have to make sure that you accentuate your lower half body section as well.

These wide-leg trousers are going to elongate your legs in the sexy way. Most importantly, these high-waist and wide-leg trousers give a flattering and also chic look to your legs.

Hence, start wearing high-rise and straight-leg jeans if you want to make your buttocks look wider and sexy enough. The hourglass figure is all about maintaining a complete balance between your upper and lower body halves.

Go for such pants which are mid- to high-rise or you can prefer the one which contains wide-legged cut or straight cut in them.


Hence, what’s the bottom line? These are the four important ways with respect to dressing and styling if you have got a sexy looking hourglass figure. Moreover, choose to wear those dresses which hug your hips and waist firmly and naturally.

Many women love to wear straight pencil skirts too. They love to put on and style up themselves with fuller A-line skirts or also with straight skirts.

Besides, you only have to make sure that the fabric which you have chosen for your outfit, it should be able to drape and stretch over on your body firmly. Stay tuned with us as more of the styling tips are coming up.


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