Harry Potter AR Game Is Coming To Your Smartphones

harry potter ar game

After the success of Pokemon Go, Niantic has decided to work on the most-loved name in the entertainment industry, and that’s Harry Potter. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be launched in 2018 by Niantic which will work along with Warner Brothers Interactive and Porkey Games.

There is no much information regarding the Harry Potter AR Game release date and features, but it is confirmed that it is being worked upon by Niantic to be launched in the upcoming year. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Game is based on Augmented Reality and it will allow the players to take the role of real life Wizards in this game. If you’re looking for a brief Harry Potter AR Game review to understand what’s going to happen, read this post.

What will the game look like?

harry potter ar game

Harry Potter AR Game for smartphones will borrow features from Ingress, which was the latest launch by Niantic Labs. According to Niantic, the company is working upon audio cues and it will use it in the future AR Games. This is because the CTO of the Niantic Labs don’t believe in holding smartphones for long periods and thus we believe that the Harry Potter AR Game will also use sounds as cues.

Ingress is another game that was developed by Niantic Labs and it allowed the players to collect power-ups, defend some specific locations, and explore the real-world using their cellphones. Thus, we can also assume that the Harry Potter AR Game will offer the role of wizards to the players who will learn various spells and fight with other players or wizards in the real world locations. We know that Niantic has a good experience in this field as Pokemon Go was a big hit in 2016. Whatever the gameplay is going to be, this game will certainly grab the attention of many players because of the popular franchise.

harry potter ar game

After the game will be launched, we’ll be able to download the Harry Potter AR Game for Android at the Play Store. Even if it’s not available at the Play Store, we can use the Apk file which comes up on various platforms as soon as the game is released. However, according to news the game will be released for Android and iOS both, and thus we’ll easily be able to get our hands on the Harry Potter Game for iOS. The official website has also been formed and you can visit it at Harrypotterwizardsunite.com and get yourself signed up too.

Bottom Line:

Niantic and WB Interactive are working upon the most popular and beloved franchise, the Harry Potter and we already know that it will be a big success. According to the developers, the game will reveal that magic is all around us. The players will wander around and explore different locations, cities, and neighborhoods and they’ll be able to learn and cast spells, encounter various characters, and discover mysterious things and artifacts. The developers have planned to launch the game on AR glasses which will improve the gaming experience by far.


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