Guess Which Is The Fastest Selling Gaming Console In The U.S?


There is a constant war and competition going on between the gaming consoles of different brands, but recently one of them have managed to grab a big title. According to the latest news, Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling home console in the U.S. This gaming console has broken the previous records of Nintendo Wii and even Play Station 2.

Nintendo Switch has thus set new records in the U.S and Japan and it is selling very fast. According to reports, Switch has sold more than 4.8 million consoles in the U.S and total 10 million consoles worldwide, and that too after only 10 months of its launch. This success of Nintendo Switch must not be surprising for those who own it, because they are the ones who are experiencing the joys and the top-notch features of this console.


Why Nintendo Switch Got So Much Success?

Have you ever wondered the reason behind Nintendo Switch’s big success?  Well, there is not just one reason as the gaming console is full of high-end features that improve the user experience by far. The gaming console has a flexible design and it has an excellent state of first party titles. According to Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst of games industry from HIS technology, this gaming console will gain more popularity as it will offer more online content and this will engage the gamers on a continuous basis.


The console features some super hit games such as Mario and Zelda. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild is one of the most popular games and it has been purchased by more than 50% of the Nintendo switch owners. Nintendo also revealed Super Mario Odyssey is also present on more than 50% of the Nintendo Switch consoles. Switch has overall no competition and it is the flagship console for Nintendo’s best games. Not only this, Nintendo Switch is not going to have any other gaming console as a competitor in the near future.

If you’re thinking to play the best games of 2017, then you must buy Nintendo Switch as it provides the two biggest games in the industry. Games do sell hardware but no other company can sell the hardware based on these two big games’ strength.


The Nintendo Switch price was $299.99 which is lower than that of the Play Station 4’s $399.99. The Xbox One was launched at a price of $499.99 which is quite higher than the other two gaming consoles. Nintendo Switch is the least expensive and still it delivers excellent value and provides the best games on the market.

Nintendo Switch is very portable too and it arrives with two controllers that allow you to play games freely and easily. The gaming console is also home to some of the best multiplayer games that allow you to interact with your family and friends and play together. The game lineup offered by Nintendo Switch for the upcoming year is also impressive and we hope that the console will continue selling this way in the future too.


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