GRID AUTOSPORT: Get The Console Quality Racing On Your Mobiles


Racing games are loved by all the gaming enthusiasts and this time Codemasters has tried its best to develop an original Pro Race Driver game. Grid Autosport is the 9th game in the TOCA series and the racing video game is available for MS Windows, Xbox 360, PS3 and MacOS.

Grid Autosport release date was in 2014 for PC and gaming consoles, but the mobile version has been released recently. You can download Grid Autosport for iOS from App Store and the Android users have to wait more. The Grid Autosport for Android has not yet been released on the Play Store but you can easily install it manually on your device using the Grid Autosport APK Download file.

Grid Autosport Features:

Grid Autosport is all about racing, rivals, and teams and you have to conquer this challenging world of professional racing and motorsport. You’ll have an ‘in-car view’ for racing and there will be an authentic and genuine car handling experience that you’ll get in this game. Following are the main Grid Autosport features:

Variety of locations:

Grid Autosport features more than 100 routes planned in around 22 amazing locations. There are different series and you’ll be able to race in single seaters, touring cars, muscle cars, prototypes, Time attack, destruction derby, and many more. This racing content is double as compared to it was in Grid 2 because here you’ll get a variety of modern and classic tracks.

Realistic AI:

You will be able to race against realistic AI so that you get an experience of intense racing. The AI will control their vehicles and compete with you wheel-to-wheel and your racing skills will be tested accordingly. Each and every move will count and you have to take care of your position and passes hat you make. You’ll also be able to race in different styles according to the track and location.

Authentic handling:

To give an authentic and realistic feeling of motorsports, Codemasters have developed the game with a new handling model. The game features simulation handling and have touches of arcade games too, so that you have an amazing and authentic handling experience while handling.

Racing clubs:

You can also play with your friends and family and form a racing club of your own. This way you’ll be able to receive new challenges every week and also interact with Codemaster’s online member community. The multiplayer integration gives a better gaming experience and allows you to challenge other players too.


After the release of the mobile version, Grid Autosport has gained immense popularity. This is because now you can play a console quality game on your smartphones. We are, however, waiting for the Android version to be released soon too so that the Android users are able to satisfy their gaming souls too. You can also read a detailed Grid Autosport review to understand the gameplay before you get your hands on the game. Grid Autosport free download is available at the App Store only but Android users will also hear a good news soon. Watch the trailer below and let us know about your views in the comments section.


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