Granvilier Hack, Cheats and Tricks


Do you like to play fantasy games? Is 2D side scrolling your favorite way of playing games? Are you in for a mission to save humanity? Yes? Granvilier is the game for you as it has an intriguing gameplay with lots of battles, enemies, heroes, and skills that you’ll come across while playing.

Granvilier has been developed by CommSeed and the game has recently been launched officially in the Japan stores. Granvilier Android version can be installed through the play store and the iOS Version is available at the App store. If you can’t download the game on your Android device for any reason, you can download the Granvilier Apk file and install it manually. This Granvilier review is for those who love fantasy-action type games and want to know about some tips and guides to play like a pro.

Granvilier Tips and Guide:


The game is about a great fight that occurred between a hero and a genie. The genie was an evil one and fortunately the hero defeats him and captures him in a pit. As a player you have to keep the Genie from coming out by completing various missions and defeating the enemies. Following are some Granvilier tips and guide:

  • The first thing you should learn is how to summon heroes. Yes, you can get help from the heroes at any point in the game. You have to build your team by collecting monsters with different abilities.
  • You can enhance the powers of the monsters that you have gained by collecting them. These monsters can be made more powerful to fight the enemies. Form your team of monsters and arrange them in front and back rows to fight with the enemies.
  • If you want to increase the skills and power of your character, trap the circles on the screen. As the enemies are continuously trying to release the genie from captivity, you must have skills and powers to fight them.
  • You can use the Granvilier hack to gain unlimited resources in the game. The resources will allow you to build a powerful team to fight the evil.
  • Your heroes will fight the enemies and you’ll be able to check their health in green bars below each character. You have to learn the difference in skills of each of your heroes to make them fight in a better way.
  • Granvilier cheats can be used to complete various missions and proceed in the game smoothly.
  • Discover skills such as the Arrow Rain, which will allow you to hit and damage five times more than a normal attack. The critical attacks are more powerful than the normal attacks.
  • We recommend visiting the Granvilier Forum to have your queries answered. You can participate in the discussion and benefit from other players’ suggestions too.

Granvilier is an interesting game and there are around nine different heroes or characters that you’ll be using in the game to fight the enemies. With this versatility of skills and powers, you’ll be proceeding smoothly and defeating the enemies to save the humanity easily. Watch the video below and let us know about your views on the game in comments.


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