Grab The Bottle Hacks, Cheats and Tricks


Grab the Bottle is an exciting addition to the list of puzzle games. It brings along your logic combined together with puzzle skills to form an extraordinary and challenging adventure for the users.

Usually puzzle games are uninteresting and they make you dull and sleepy. However, a game with an interesting story would never let you get bored. It is a thriller and will surely keep you on your nerves.


Grab The Bottle Overview

 The game has a unique story, which is set back in the late 50’s. It is about a hungry baby craving for his bottle of milk that is unreachable to him. In an attempt to grab the bottle, he discovers that he has an infinitely long arm. The game then revolves around how the boy throughout his life tries to grasp all kinds of bottles. Milk as a toddler, sugary bottles in his teenage, beer when he grows up as an office man and so on. He faces the same struggle everyday hence the game has given him an enormously stretchy arm!

The main objective here is to grab the bottle in all stages while avoiding any obstacles that hinder your way to it. To make the concept more interesting, there are physics, logics and perplexing puzzles for you to solve as you reach near to the target. If you accomplish them, you get one-step forward each time.

The game was released a few months ago in May 2017 as both Grab the Bottle iOS and Grab the Bottle Android. It received a lot of positive feedback and customer appreciation since then. Players had options to use it either on their phone or on PC by downloading it through the Grab The Bottle APK and Grab the Bottle MOD APK (the modified version) available on the internet.

Grab The Bottle Features

The good thing about this game is that it has a whole background story along with challenging puzzles to make it more interesting and innovative. It is a unique way of solving puzzles, even for people who find it extremely boring elsewise. There are colourful 1950’s pop art and comics at the back to add a touch of history. You can compete and share your high scores with friends on Facebook and on Grab the Games Forum.

Grab The Bottle Hacks

The game has infinite hacks all over the forum and internet to help you solve puzzles or unlock levels in the difficult stages. Besides, there are Grab the Bottle cheats which are a type of secret codes that you enter in the game to help unravel your tricky puzzles.

The game also has an interactive interface to assist you switch between puzzles or explain the instructions of the game. There are Grab the Bottle tips and guide in the mobile application that guide the user the whole story of the game and how to solve each level. The faster you solve each problem, the closer you get to the bottle in order to help the hungry boy.


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