GoPro Hero6 Black Is The Best Action Camera


GoPRo Hero6 Black has recently been released and it look’s very similar to its predecessor, GoPro Hero5. The only visible difference between these cameras is that the Hero6 contains have improved technical specs and the Logo is on a different location as it was on the previous model. There are no as such physical changes but there are big changes in software.

GoPro Hero6 Black Price, and release date:

The camera is not very pricey and is available for £499 on Amazon. The Hero5 was priced at £399 and was a big hit last year as it delivered good value for money. The Hero6 was released on 28th of September, 2017 and till now it is doing a good business in the mobile industry. The device has a normal price range and with all the features and technical specs, it is priced very well.


GoPro Hero6 Black Design:


The GoPro Hero6 case is a matte gray one and the logo on it is a glossy gray one, and thus it is not quite visible. It has a rugged and compact body but still weighs only 4 ounces. There is no USB-C port and to mount it somewhere you’ll need to put it in its cage. The display is not very huge and the LCD is small and bright. The icons and menus on the display are small too. The device is very durable and is waterproof too.

GoPro Hero6 Black Specs:

The main feature of GoPro Hero6 is the custom-designed GP1 processor that allows the camera to capture higher frame rate combinations and resolutions as compared to the previous one. It’s performance is at par if we compare it to the previous model. It also offers image stabilization of 4K at 60 fps and a very slow-motion video at 240 fps in full HD mode. The dynamic range is also awesome and it gives amazing performance even when there is low light condition.

The Wi-Fi performance of this camera has also seen improvement and the 5 GHz connectivity offers faster connectivity rates. There are no lags and the interface is very user-friendly too. There is a QuickStories feature that compiles your photos and make an automatic video collage. The battery drains faster because of the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity so it is always recommended to transfer content while the device is plugged it. The GoPro Hero6 can also get very hot at times and needs to be given rest after continuous use of hours.


GoPro Hero6 and GoPro Hero5 review is present on various websites and you can go through them and even compare them to know the difference. The GoPro Hero6 Black edition has seen a lot of improvements and changes in the software and the biggest feature of this device is that it has the best action camera. It has a versatile camera that offers a super slow motion and you can also benefit from the features such as amazing low light performance, enhanced image stabilization, and wider dynamic range.


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