Google’s Project Fi Now has Great Data Plans For You

Google's project fi now

Google’s Project Fi Now is a very handy, easy to use, and unique wireless carrier which gives you mobile data service on switchable-mobile networks. The service is operated by Google and it can only be used if you own a Google Pixel Phone, because it can switch intelligently between the different mobile networks.

Google’s Project Fi Now is a prepaid carrier and is focused on a simple and easy way of billing. It gives amazing performance and the best thing is that it will credit you for all the data that haven’t been used by you. So, if you want to get the power and performance of three networks at the same time, you must read this Google’s Project Fi Now review.


Google’s Project Fi Now Package Price:

Google's project fi now

The Google’s Project Fi Now is comprised of three mobile networks and that are T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S Cellular. The Google’s Project Fi Now package price is around $20 per month in which you can make unlimited domestic texts and voice calling. To get the first line, you have to pay $20 and for the additional phone line you’ll have to pay $15 for each. You also have to pay $10 for 1 GB of data and $10 for additional tablet. Since there is no contract, the good thing is that you can cancel it anytime and get refund for any unused data too.

Google’s Project Fi Now is less expensive than other mobile networks and is perfect for families and individuals who use around 4 to 5 GB of data. You can easily estimate the amount of data you have to use in a month and then pay according to your use.

Google’s Project Fi Now Data Limit:

google's project fi now

There were some news regarding fake Google’s Project Fi Now data limit and people started thinking that it offers unlimited data. Google’s Project Fi Now is intended for medium data users and not for those who use data on a heavy basis. This carrier is not suitable for those who are heavy data users as it can be expensive for them. The good thing is that the carrier offers a user-friendly app for easy management and there is a great support community to help the people out too.

Google’s Project Fi Now never entered into the ‘unlimited data’ offers and instead of that it simply offers a $10 GB per month that will also refund the amount which hasn’t been used. So, if you reach the 15 GB of data limit, the data speeds will get slower and you’ll have to pay additional $10 GB to enjoy faster speeds. You can easily switch between the three different mobile network providers using a dialer code.

Fi works properly on the Google Pixel phones only which are expensive. Google Pixel 2 XL is an excellent phone and Fi works amazingly on it, the only thing is that it is expensive. Project Fi also works on Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X and that’s a good thing if you own them, but they aren’t available for sale now.



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