Google Pixel Book: A Top-Notch Chrome Book


Getting a high-end and top-notch Chrome book is the dream of every one, and since Google has introduced this book, everyone is going gaga over it. Google Pixel Book has a hybrid design and it uses advanced software and an amazing pixel-dense display to improve the user experience.

It has an extra-slim and stylish design and offers excellent stylus support too. So, the best thing that inspired most of the users is its sublime design, along with a brilliant keyboard and full app support for Android. Google has introduced massive software improvements as compared to the Chrome Book Pixel and now it can be compared to any high-end Mac or Windows device available on the market. The Google Pixel Book review will help you if you want to know more about the device.

Google Pixel Book Price:


We are not going to hide the fact and tell our readers directly that Google Pixel Book Price is a very expensive Chromebook. This high-end device is the priciest one available on the market, but we can say that it delivers excellent value for money. The device starts selling at $999 and the price can go as high as $1,649. The Pixel Book Pen which is used with the book is charged separately and is priced at $99. Overall, the Pixel Book has a premium price tag.

Google Pixel Book Features:

Google Pixel Book Design:


Google Pixel Book has an excellent design and it is very comfortable to use. The design has borrowed a lot of things from Google Pixel’s smart phones. The whole device is made up silver aluminum which complements the white accents very well. The lid is made up of glass and this thing helps the Wi-Fi signals to reach easily. The keyboard is very quiet and comfortable to use and overall the design is quite ergonomic.

Google Pixel Book Display:

Google Pixel Book display is awesome as it features 3:2 aspect ratio and the screen is large and tall enough. The large and crisp screen improves the browsing, reading, and writing experience. The display can fold to 360 degrees which can turn the laptop into a tablet. The touch-screen is 12.3 inches which packs a resolution of 2,400 X 1,600. The display is one of the best of Google Pixel Book specs.

Google Pixel Book Battery:

Google Pixel Book Battery is a small one. The device is equipped with a 41-Watt hour battery, which is no doubt a small one, but still using the device isn’t a hurdle even when the battery is low. With this small battery you can still use the device for one day with some percentage of charge still left on the device. Fast charging is also supported and thus the small battery isn’t a thing to be concerned.

Google Pixel Book Performance:

Google Pixel Book is equipped with two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. These connectivity features make the Pixel Book stand ahead of other top-notch devices such as the Apple iMac Pro. The Pixel Book offers an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adapter and a Bluetooth 4.2 and 2X2 MIMO support. The Pixel book pen is a stylus and it is compatible with Google Assistant. It works perfectly for watching photos, movies, playing games, photo-editing, and browsing.


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