Google Pixel: A Top-Notch Smartphone


Google Pixel and Pixel XL were one of the best smartphones of 2016 and they made a huge difference in Google’s reputation regarding the smartphones manufacturing. Both of these phones competed well with the other top-notch smartphones like Samsung, Apple, and LG and are considered as the flagship phones of Google. A new Pixel phone, Google Pixel 2.0 has recently been launched too and it is equipped with loads of high-end features that other big smartphones have.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL have almost the same features and both are manufactured by Taiwan based HTC. They are quite similar to each other and the only difference is of the battery size and display. According to Google Pixel XL review, the phone is a bit larger than Pixel and it sits in the hand more firmly and comfortably. Google Pixel has a more refined and matte look as compared to Pixel XL. Following are some of the main features of these high-end devices:



The Pixel phone price is on the higher side but it delivers excellent value for the money. Google Pixel is available in two variants, that are 32 GB and 128 GB. The smaller storage version is also very costly and it has a price tag of $649 while the 128 GB model will cost you $749. The phones are almost sold out but are still variable at various locations.


Google Pixel battery life is not very good and can last for a day with light to moderate usage. If you’re careful in using your phone you might drag the battery life to last for a whole day but mostly an evening top-up is a must. The Pixel is packed with a non-removable 2,770 mAh battery which can charge quickly in just 15 minutes and can give you 7 hours of continuous usage. The USB-C will not give you a fast charging and thus you will need a Google Pixel Charger for good charging.


Google Pixel phone speakers are excellent and they are of down-firing type. You can also use the Google speakers such as Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max which can deliver amazing sound quality. Google Pixel speaker quality is excellent and they are more full but not as loud as compared to the iPhone speakers.

Wi-Fi call quality:

The Wi-Fi calling feature works perfectly on the smartphone and there are no low signal issues. Google Pixel Wi-Fi calling is flawless and it allows the users to connect to their family and friends uninterruptedly.



Google Pixel uses an 8 MP front camera and 12 MP rear camera. The low-light shots are amazing and the camera overall grabs highest ratings on DxO. DxO is an industry standard for measuring the quality of a camera by considering various factors such as lens image quality. The shutter speeds are good enough and the autofocus option is always very handy when you have to focus something. The photo sphere modes and panorama are combined with the lens blur feature so that you can get the DSLR effect in your images.



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