Google Pixel Buds: Earphones With An Assistant


The Pixel Buds are delicate wireless earphones that offer comfortable fit and a good sound in any non-noisy environment. Although the Google Pixel Buds’ sound and quality earn full marks, but they reserve their top-notch features only for those who can afford the Pixel 2 smartphone series.

Google Pixel Buds Review

These stylish and unique earphones offer a strong competition to the other headphone brands, but according to sources, they may fall short from being the best due to certain restrictions that might only be available for some. For instance, the pixel buds are only compatible for the Pixel smartphone series. Next, their Google Assistant feature only works with phones having Android Marshmallow or higher. Besides, connecting the buds through Bluetooth requires a system running on Android Nougat and Oreo. Lastly, the masterclass Google Translate feature is limited to only Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 phones.


Google Pixel Buds Price

Google Pixel Buds were launched in October 2017 along with the unveiling of the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Pixel book in the company’s hardware event. What attracted the audience and press, apart from the phones – was the incredibly classy Pixel buds priced just at $159 (£159, AU$229).

Google Pixel Buds Design

The pixel buds are delicately engraved in a fabric enclosure or packaging that doubles as its charging base, which basically ensures the earphone’s safety and can easily slide into your pockets. The pixel buds aren’t completely wireless at all like the Apple Air Pods. There is a slight inches of cable attached to the buds below.

Therefore, when you open the casing, the earphones are easy to use, just except the fact you need a device to connect to. After connecting via Bluetooth on your Google Pixel 2, you need to make a little setup after which, you’re ready to go.

The Pixel buds are to be placed in your outer ear. The design does not require the earphones to slide deep inside the ear canal, which allow noise from the outside to intervene your music. It can be a drawback since this won’t let you concentrate on the sound you are listening to, but, can be a good thing if you prefer walking around the streets and want to remain alert to what is happening around you. The design also lacks a clip on the cords to tuck the earphones on your shirt or scarf.


They operate via touch and voice control using only the right earbud. To pause, play or pick up a call, just single tap on the earbud. In addition, you can swipe forward or reverse to raise or decrease volume. Lastly, to check on the notifications, double tap.

Google Pixel Buds Features

There are a number of features including the following:

  • Full sound delivery even if they are placed outside the inner ear.
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Connection with Google Assistant through voice and touch
  • The perfect and one size fit for all
  • Five hours of continuous use per charge
  • The Google Translate feature- translates any native language at run time
  • Decodes any foreign language spoken into the phone through Pixel Buds
  • Makes translations less awkward

However, there are a few cons, including the problem of switching between remembered devices and a constant availability of internet to use the earphones for taking calls and using google Assistant, plus difficulty in microphones hearing commands on a noisy street but the Pixel Buds proved a good support throughout. Their performance is still stand out with a few updates required in the future.


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