Introducing Google Pay: A Classic Make-Over


The most reliable, payment-friendly application Android Pay is finally coming to an end. Nevertheless, don’t worry; Google has got your back. According to reports, the company is uniting all of its payment tools under the umbrella Google Pay. So technically, Android Pay after an update will turn into Google Pay.

Google will launch Google Pay for Android and introduce new functionality into the previous version to make all payment services ubiquitous everyAwhere.


Application Details

In simpler words, the new Google Pay is a rendition of Android Pay. The overall look and design is almost similar to how Google’s other applications are. In terms of functionality and features, there is nothing new, everything same as the previous one.

One difference that we felt was that there is a new home screen tab that shows a list of relevant stores according to your location where you can pay with Google Pay. The list also shows the stores you visited previously to make payments other than based on your location. Besides, the home screen has a history of your recent purchases and transactions, and rewards in one place. There is also a cards tab, which is more like a catalogue of your payment cards, gifts cards, loyalty cards and offers.

New users can download the app from the Google Play Store meanwhile the existing Android Pay users have their app updated automatically over a few days.

Sadly, Google Pay does not have a Wallet functionality, which means you cannot use it to send or request money. However, it is launching another application for that, called Google Pay send.

Google Pay Send

Just as we mentioned above, Google will soon be launching a redesign of the Google Wallet app. Specifically for sending and requesting money, this app will be for the users in the U.K and U.S.

Google, with the releases of these two applications desire to ease payment issues worldwide. They wanted to end the concept of carrying cash everywhere physically. So instead, you can easily pay for goods or any services through their Google Pay App. One amazing thing for users banking with Bank of America and Mbank in Poland can set Google Pay directly from their bank’s app and pay anywhere in the world.

It is just about time, when the application gains popularity like its products Chrome and Assistant. And like Android Pay, you’ll be able to use cards and payment info stored in Google Pay across various applications you use in Chrome or your Android device. Google is also working to integrate the Wallet with the Pay app but in near future. For now, download the two and make your payment needs easier.


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