Google Home Mini Vs Amazon Echo Dot: The Smart Analysis


Choosing your new smart speaker is a tough decision especially when you live in a world full of exciting gadgets and automated devices. Before you decide, let us take a ride weighing both Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini’s pros and cons to conclude which one can be the best fit for your living room.

According to various data analysis, almost every smart speaker is utilized for playing music, audios, asking questions, shopping, or setting up daily reminders that we tend to forget. And luckily, both of these smart speakers, Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are capable of doing such tasks but they vary greatly in design, weight, their built in system and responsiveness. Below are a few end-to-end differences you might want to consider before making the final verdict.


The first element of comparison, Price. The Google Home Mini price is just $49, which is surprisingly same as the Amazon Echo Dot price. However, if you prefer to add extra devices along with your smart speakers to automate your home, you sure are welcome!


Amazon Echo Dot features are to some extent cylindrical, having harder angles supporting a science fiction blue ring surrounding its edges. Meanwhile, Google Home Mini features include a soft fabric like texture wrapped on its upper body giving it a smooth curvy look. Of course, the Home Mini is more handsomely designed and wins the argument in this context.


Since both of them are mini versions of their original devices, hence they have tiny speakers, which can only be audible within a room.

The Google Home Mini speakers have a 360 sound attached to a 40 mm driver that has a Chromecast Audio. In addition, its speakers can support Google Play Music, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and various other music services.

On the other hand, Amazon Echo Dot speakers are slightly smaller, 0.6 inches, supporting multi-room audio and many music facilities such as Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify Premium, Pandora, Tune In and iHeartRadio.


Since Google Home Mini is shaped like a doughnut, there aren’t any buttons visible except a microphone switch at the back. Besides, there are LED indicators that lighten up when you ask a question. Echo Dot on the other side has buttons and a light ring to help people interact.

Virtual Assistants

With the rise of technology and Robotics, the era of virtual assistants have now begun to empower. You must have heard of the famous Siri and Cortana. Similarly, these smart speakers are designed with a virtual assistant to respond to your random questions.

The Google Home Mini smart speakers are powered with the Google Assistant that can easily perform several actions in a single command. In addition, you can now make your Google Assistant’s voice sound like a male. Interesting, right?


Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers are incorporated with the Amazon’s Alexa, a famous assistant developed a few years ago. It also has the highly responsive functionality, which has not yet been introduced in Siri or Cortana.


In the shopping department, Amazon Echo Dot has an advantage because you can easily order items from Amazon, or add them to your shopping list to buy later. Meanwhile, for the Google Home Mini, efforts are still underway by Google to form its own online shopping service for voice ordering.

Because of this analysis, I am sure most of you will have many of your questions solved. Now you have a detailed breakdown of both Amazon Echo Dot review and Google Home Mini review to make a judgement out of your own. Let’s see who wins!


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