Google Home Mini – Taking Google Assistant To A New Level


It has only been the 21st century, and technology is doing wonders. Be it the era of astounding smart devices or internet of things, or the takeover of innovation in our lives, technology has never failed to amaze me. Just with the newly invented Google Home Mini, the surge of personal assistants have reached to an entirely new level.

This incredibly affordable Home Mini does almost all of the things that the previously launched larger Home devices did. Google Home Mini price is just 49$ but this mini gadget has the power of saving tons of information, manage your music and videos and easily get along with a variety of smart home devices, mainly the Google Assistant.

Google Home Mini Review

The Google Home Mini looks as if Google squeezed down the original Home and incorporated all of its features to recreate an implausible version. Its beautiful fabric texture on top and matte plastic on the bottom displays sheer perfection, though it is just the size of your palm. It is very responsive to your touch. For instance, just tapping the top of the device pauses and resumes sound. These seamlessly designed Google Home Mini speakers are capable of producing remarkable sound even they are half of what they were originally invented. Placing your finger on the left and right sides lowers and raises volumes. Lastly, they can also lighten up with four LEDs on its top every time you navigate to a place with your own voice.

Adding to the other design spectacles, there is a micro USB port on its lower half for providing power since its utterly battery free. Besides that, it contains a microphone switch that allows turning off or on the active speakers, making this a smart device that works in just dash of human touch.

Google Home Mini Features

Although it looks just like a macaroon or mini doughnut, this little gadget is skilful enough to assist your personal stresses. It is available in coral, chalk and charcoal black colours. It is extremely easier to connect to your smart phones or any other personal home device. You can shout, talk or be frank; the Google Home Mini has strong voice recognition skills to make your life more exciting.


In other words, it’s a desk buddy that aides in opening your favourite music, reminding you about your important meetings or call a friend with its latest voice calling feature. You can ask different questions, and the powerful algorithms behind its mechanism will answer them based on the extensive knowledge base.

Other classy features include, making restaurant reservations, booking an Uber ride, or Pizza delivery.

Cons of Google Home Mini

In the contrary, Google Home Mini has a few cons. Though they do not minimalize its value, but it is good to know everything before you go buy a product. Since it is a small device, hence the speakers are not that audible when using for large places. Also lacks a bit of clarity when listening to music. Apart from that, the Home Mini does not have third party support when connecting with Google Assistant.


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