Google Home Max Is The Next Big Thing For Excellent Sound


Smart Speakers have changed the way how we live and now they’re getting increasingly popular because of their features. Though the Smart home devices are expensive than the cheap Bluetooth speakers but they are far greater in performance than them.

Google Home Max is the best-sounding high-tech and smart speaker and it is also equipped with Google Assistant that can fill your space with amazing sound. It uses intelligent hardware and is a powerful device that can separate the low, mids, and highs very easily. The Google Home Max will make your Google Assistant turn into a DJ and you’ll love it.


Google Home Max Price:

The Google Home Max launch date was on 11th of December but it has been released for the U.S. residents only. Google Home Max price is $399 and it delivers excellent value for money. If you’re focused more on home control and music, then this smart speaker will not disappoint you.

Google Home Max Features:


Google Home Max speakers have a simple design and the look is very elegant. There is a mesh fabric used that is present on the drivers and a small line on the top indicates the touch-friendly sensor. You can use this sensor to control the volume and browse through your favorite music album. The on/off switch is in the middle and there is a 3.5 mm jack that allows you to connect other devices to it. One of the best Google Home Max features is that it can start horizontally and vertically without having a rubber foot.

Google Home Max sound is crisp and clear and it plays the Mp3 and vinyl records very well. The device is not just a simple speaker in fact it is a Google Assistant speaker which allows you to use the Google Home app on your iOS device or Android phone. If we talk about the Google Home Max specs, the Google Assistant is a complete home system and it will allow you to play music from YouTube Red, Google Play Music, Pandora, or Spotify. The Google Home Max will also allow you to send music via audio cable, Wi-Fi Chromecast link, or Bluetooth.


The Google Home Max speakers are designed to pick your voice even when the device is playing at very high volume. So, you can say whatever command you want to, and Max will pick it up to follow the command in between. The audio quality of Google Home Max is the best one and this feature always sets this device apart from the Amazon’s. Google Home Max sound is better than Amazon Echo and it can be your perfect choice if you like big sound. This is because it has six on-board microphones that allow a far-field voice control. The high excursion dual voice-coil woofers also add to the sound quality.

If you want to go deeper, you can read this Google Home Max review and learn more about the device. Google Home Max will give you the best audio experience and it is designed particularly for partying.


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