Google and Walmart Team Up To Take Over Amazon

google teamup with walmart

The announcement of Google and Walmart’s partnership to enable voice shopping is the biggest news in the technology world today. Using this feature through Google Assistant, the customers will be able to benefit from the Walmart’s Easy Reorder feature.

This feature is integrated with Google service and it will allow the users to shop easily from millions of products, just by speaking. This step of Google and Walmart is most probably in response to the Amazon’s Prime Day which was held in July this year for the third time.


Google and Walmart have thus now teamed up to fight against the biggest retailer in the world, Amazon. Google knows how to compete with the giants in the industry, and it is already a well-known name with the majority of the Android controlling and Chrome holding. This time Google is trying again to take an edge and attract the people around the world by teaming up with Walmart to strike back. The competition between the two giants is heating up more after the success of Amazon Prime Day, and people are looking forward to avail the best shopping opportunities both the companies are offering.

Amazon has set up its Alexa assistant in most of the homes and Google has offered a Google Home smart speaker in response to Amazon’s Echo. Google and Walmart said that they would sell thousands of products on the Google Express website and app in September. Also, people will be able to use the Google Home through voice shopping. Google Express is also offering a free membership, which was $95 annually and will also allow the customers to get free deliveries till their orders reach the store’s minimum. Amazon had always dominated e-commerce, but now this partnership has come up as a great challenge for this retailer.

google express

Walmart was already threatened by Amazon as it is one of the biggest retailers in the U.S, and Google also perceived Amazon as a threat as most of the people had started using Amazon as a search engine to find their desired products.

google home shoppingCurrently, Amazon grabs around 43% of online sales in the U.S., and this is a big blow to the competitors. Moreover, Amazon is also making its online ads business, which is Google’s specialty. Walmart is also speeding up its business by growing its inventory, offering good discounts, and speeding up the shipment processes.

According to Walmart’s head of the e-commerce division, Marc Lore, both the companies are trying to help the people to shop in ways they have never imagined. However, teaming up doesn’t ensure that both of these companies will be successful in taking over Amazon’s market or not because Amazon is the top option for most of the people who love online shopping.

Google and Walmart are, however, confident that they will serve the people in the best way because what they are offering is not only about online shopping, but related to how the shopping methods will change in the future. Let’s see what this tough competition has to offer to online shoppers!


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