The Era of Autonomous Cars: Stepping into 2018


General Motors, USA’s one of the finest automakers announced their first self-driving car, that is yet to hit the markets by 2019. The GM self-driving car will lack basic traditional controls like a steering wheel and pedals. The car will be ready to compete with the big giants like Volvo, BMW and Renault who have already introduced such tradition previously.

What you need to know?

It may sound impossible as for now, but technology never really fail to amaze us. The car will be the fourth generation of its driver less, electric Chevy Bolts that are being tested on public roads in Phoenix and San Francisco. According to the General Motors President Dan Ammann, The car will soon be deployed in a number of cities as it passes the manufacturing test in GM’s functioning plant in Michigan. Everyone at the Company is excited and they are happy to share the developments of their first production car with no driver controls.

GM also submitted a petition to the United States Department of Transportation to seek permission to begin its operation on their fully autonomous cars. GM’s steering wheel-free car will be in a commercial ride-hailing service next year city by city and be available for public for daily use. The company plans to utilize the cars on a large scale, established through a ride service company run by GM themselves rather than Uber or Lyft.

The Cruise AV

The Cruise AV, introduced by GM is a version of the battery-powered Chevrolet Bolt, a self-driving model that’d be available for some of the 250 employees. The Cruise AV will hit the roads in San Francisco or Scottsdale as a ride-hailing service. It is a four-passenger vehicle with a number of cameras and laser sensors attached on its roofs to recognize other vehicles, pedestrians and intersections. The Steering Wheel free car has two passenger seats in front and a center console with a display screen and buttons and knobs for both audio and climate control.

The CES 2018

The major announcement took place at the CES 2018, where a number of giants also announced their ideas to deploy self-directed vehicles. General Motors is also set to display its trucks and SUVs on the Detroit Auto Show to reveal the world its future plans.

Other than that, Ford also plans to build a steering wheel and pedal less vehicle by 2021, while Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent Alphabet, also prepares its launch of driver-less minivans by the end of the year.


GM and Cruise reveal their driving less cars in an attempt to make use of technology in a better and significant way to prevent death and injuries from accidents and auto crashes. Traffic incidents take more lives than any other incidents, up to 35,000 people worldwide. And surprisingly, many of the accidents result from human mistakes, usually breaking traffic laws, overtaking and rash driving. If technology and self-driving cars can create a uniform driving speed and rate for each vehicle using their automated systems, we surely can create world a better place.



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