Ghost of Tsushima: The Most Anticipated Upcoming Game

Ghost of Tsushima

Are you ready to be a part of the Samurai era in feudal Japan? Sucker Punch is giving you a chance to do so as the Sony subsidiary recently announced the game along with a trailer, during the Paris Games Week 2017 Showcase for PS4.

The trailer shows a group of Mongols invading the Japanese villages and burning down some of them. The game is thus based on Japanese history and is an open-world action game. Sucker Punch is a well-known studio and it is the one that developed brilliant Infamous games too. As a player you’ll be given the role of a Samurai who has to fight the enemies and save his land. So, if you love open-world action type games and have some liking for the Japanese history, this Ghost of Tsushima review is for you.

History behind Ghost of Tsushima:

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima history dates back to 1274 when first Mongol invasion occurred in Japan. Kublai Khan was the leader of Mongols and he had already invaded China and established his dynasty in Korea. Now his next target was Japan and he already started sending messages to the Emperor of Japan to surrender before hand. Kublai Khan was already building a fleet to invade Japan at the same time as he was expecting a rejection of his demands from the Emperor of Japan. When the Emperor of Japan actually rejected his demands, Kublai Khan set off with his fleet to the island of Japan.

Tsushima is a small island located between the main islands of Japan and Korea. This island was the nearest land from where the Mongols could reach Japan. Mongols landed on Komodahama Beach and captured the place and slaughtered the inhabitants. The Mongols then set off for Tsushima and they soon invade the island too.


Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a Samurai who is left alone on the island after the Mongols have conquered the area and the people there. You will be given the role of a Samurai who has to rise up from the ashes and fight the Mongols. This Mongolian invasion proved to be a great point for the Samurai tactics and in this game the Samurai code has also been emphasized a lot. The Samurai has also seen adapting various techniques of fighting from the Mongols and then applying on them to fight them. For example, the Mongols used hand grenades to scare the horses and gunpowder in rockets.

To fight the Mongols, as a Samurai you have to use various fighting techniques wisely as the unconventional fighting techniques won’t work. You have to fight for the freedom of Japan and save your people from the Mongols. According to the history, the Mongols were suppressed later because of a typhoon that occurred after some months. This typhoon destroyed the Mongolian fleet and is referred to as the ‘divine wind’ by the historians. According to this belief, the divine power saved Japan from being invaded by the Mongolians.

Bottom Line:

Ghost of Tsushima release date is not known yet but it is expected to be released anytime in 2018. This game was one of the hottest announcements of the Paris Games Week 2017 and all the gaming enthusiasts are waiting for more announcements desperately. Watch the trailer below:


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