What Do You need to Know About Gait Belt Uses?

gait belt

In case you don’t know much about a gait belt and how to use a gait belt, it is simply a safety device that can be used for helping patients move around.

Such a movement might be from a bed to a chair or vice versa. The particular belt can also be sued for holding someone upwards while the person attempts working.

In simple terms, gait belt helps in providing support to weak people and allow them to walk on their own without any special assistance from another person. It also prevents the patient from falling on the ground.

Additionally, the gait belts also reduce any risk of a back injury when a patient moves or walks.

What Are The Different Types Of Gait Belts?

Generally, gait belts are approximately 1½ to 4 inches or 3.8 to 10 centimetres in width while 54 to 60 inches or 137 to 152 centimetres in length. These belts are made up of nylon, canvas, or leather with a buckle at one of its end.

There are different kinds of gait belts available in the marketplace. In order to decide which gait belt suits you perfectly, it would be appropriate to consult with your healthcare provider.

How To Use Gait Belts?

gait belt

Just in case you haven’t used a gait belt before, here we have listed some important instructions to get you started.

  • Consider putting the belt around the patient’s waist with the buckle in front. Let him wear the belt over his clothes.
  • Use the thread to tie the belt through the buckle’s teeth. Make sure that you put the belt through the two other loops in order to lock it.
  • Make sure that the belt has just enough room to move your fingers under it.
  • In case it’s possible, you must encourage the patient to push down on a chair or bed. During this process, you must lean forward while grasping the belt on both sides. Also, ensure holding the patient at his waist instead of his shoulders or arms.
  • Try lifting or moving the person with your leg or arm muscles. Make sure of not using your back muscles.
  • Never twist your body while you are moving or lifting the patient.
  • Once you are done with walking or moving with the person, make sure that you remove the gait belt.

Care Agreement

We believe now you have some knowledge about gait belt uses. But until you are recommended to use transfer belts with handles, you must not buy one and start using it. In this case, your healthcare professional can act as your guidance.

Gait belts can be life-saving, especially for people who experience tremendous pain while moving around.

To stay safe and combat against your pain or that of your loved ones; especially the aged ones, make sure that you learn thoroughly about your health condition and the processes you may use to treat it.

You may want to consult with Medtrica, your health expert, for further clarification.

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