Falling Ballz Review, Hack, Cheats and Tricks


If you think Ballz by Ketchapp was addictive then Falling Ballz will make you jump with joy. Yes, we’re here for the Falling Ballz review as it is a super addictive one and thousands of fans are anticipating a detailed review. You can download Falling Ballz for Android and Falling Ballz for iOS easily as it is available for free.

Falling Ballz has almost the same concept as Ketchapp but its more intriguing because of its gameplay. The game has a touching and dragging mechanism and you have to move your finger on the screen to set an angle, and then release it to shoot. If you want a manual installation, you can go for the Falling Ballz Apk download too. Just like Ballz by Ketchapp, the game is very easy to learn and play but still some tricks and tips can help you improve your score.

Falling Ballz Tips and Guide:

falling ballz

To play the game like a pro, you have to focus on every single shot you make because only that way you can achieve a high score and make your friends envious of you. All you have to do is to aim the balls at things scattered around on the screen. The key to success in this game is accuracy, not speed. Following are some tips to help you out:

  • To survive in the game till long, you have to stop the shapes from getting to the top of the screen because if any shapes get there your game is over. A tip is to focus on the highest shape and stop it from going upwards by hitting it and taking down its health.
  • If the highest shape is flashing that means your game is almost over. But there is a small chance left for you to hit it and bring it down so try your best.
  • The small white power ups indicate an extra ball. Aim for those power ups all the time because if you have more balls you can make more hits.
  • The circular shapes are easy to hit but the triangles and squares are a bit difficult. Aim at them properly so that you don’t miss on them.
  • If your screen is all covered with too many shapes we have a tip for you to get good scores. Aim your ball in such a way so that it hits two shapes and bounces between the to cause enough damage to them.
  • If you’ve to wait a long for your next turn, you can hit the speed button too. This will make things come faster and you will not have to wait for your turn for long.
  • Line up your shots properly no matter how much time it takes. Don’t work fast and speedily, instead aim properly.

Falling Ballz APK Download

After the ball has been launched, you don’t have any control over it and thus you can hit the speed up button to finish things immediately and so that your next turn comes up too.


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