Facebook Smart Speakers: Revealing Aloha and Fiona


With the growing popularity of Amazon Echo and Google Home, Facebook has also stepped into the competition. This is for the first time in years that the Company has decided to produce its own set of hardware devices after setting up a huge mark with their social media application. The two smart speakers are apparently codenamed ‘Fiona’ and ‘Aloha’.

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Facebook Smart Speakers Release Date

According to our sources, the much-awaited release is set to be this year in July. Facebook hasn’t revealed a proper date yet but it says they will give away more information as the time comes closer.

Facebook Smart Speakers Specs

Reports about the speaker have been in the news since last year, but recently Bloomberg revealed other technical details about how the two will operate. Both the Facebook smart speakers’ display size will be a 15-inch touchscreen, while Aloha being the larger of the two. The touchscreens will be like laptop-sized-high-resolution panels and will be much bigger than the 7-inch display on the Amazon Echo’s smarts screen. In addition, a 13-inch version of Aloha was also in the making, the reports claimed.

There has been very little official information from Facebook itself. No images of the devices or actual working have been released yet.

Facebook Smart Speakers Features

Both the devices being smart speakers will have different features and purposes. Aloha is supposedly more sophisticated than Fiona. It will have facial and voice recognition, and social features by way of Facebook and Messenger. It is similar to work like Amazon’s Echo, which also has a built-in touchscreen and can be controlled using voice commands.

Meanwhile, Fiona will act as a standalone speaker that will come with a Siri-like assistant. It will be released under the official name of Portal. Besides, Fiona will also feature facial recognition to identify users for accessing their Facebook accounts. There will be voice command control and music playback, courtesy to Facebook’s partnered deals with Sony and Universal Music.

The reports also suggest that the Facebook smart speakers’ volume will be high enough to cover every corner of a room. They will be good for small gatherings to play music or as a personal room assistant. The Speakers will also allow family and friends to stay in contact through video chat and multiple social features. The two of them will enhance the Facebook video calling option in case if your phone’s personal camera is not that good.

Facebook Smart Speakers Price

Right now, Facebook or any of their media sources have not revealed the Speakers’ Price. We don’t know how they will look like or what prices they will have as yet.

As the release is coming closer, we know how everyone is excited and can’t wait to see this rivalry actually come into place. With Facebook’s doubled efforts to produce two instead of one speaker, we surely can’t keep off the hype.


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