The Evil Within 2: A Scary Evolution Of The Horror Genre


Have you heard the quote ‘Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see’. Well, this quote fits perfectly on this game, The Evil Within 2 as it is too horror to handle. The game is a horror one and the developer Tango Gameworks has handled the whole theme very intricately and cleverly.

At start, you’ll feel a bit stressed up as you’ll be forced to watch some graphic scenes. Yes, the game is full of graphic clips and stomach-churning scenes and is overall a very scary one. But, if you love the horror genre, you’ll definitely spend a good time playint this one. The Evil Within 2 release date was scheduled at the Bethesda Conference during E3. The original game was released in 2014 and The Evil Within 2 was released in October this year.


The Evil Within 2 Download:

You can Download The Evil Within 2 and start playing it on your PC now. The game is very easy to install and the instructions are provided too. You can also get The Evil Within 2 for PS4 and The Evil Within 2 for Xbox if you like to play on any of these gaming consoles. The minimum system requirements for PC download of this game are: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit version), 8 GB RAM memory, 40 GB available space, Intel Core i5-2400/ AMD FX 8320 or more and NVIDIA GTX 660 2 GB/ AMD HD 7970 3 DB for the graphics.

The Evil Within 2 Features:


The Evil Within 2 is an intriguing horror game with lots of features that can make you keep playing the game for hours. The game uses latest techniques, graphics and technologies to give a reality-based and terrifying experience to the gamer. The game starts when the Detective Sebastian Castellanos start losing everything in a fight. He lost her daughter Lily too and to bring her back he has to enter the world of nightmares and endless traps of the evil. You are given the role of this detective and your task is to keep him alive and make him complete his missions too. Following are The Evil Within 2 features:

Discover horrifying locations:


The best thing of this game is that it is full of terrifying and creepy locations and if you love horror things you’ll definitely love exploring them. Each location is one of a kind and you have to be strong enough to explore, but make sure to prepare wisely.

Face the Creepy Enemies and Creatures:


The game is full of enemies, creatures, evil monsters, and devils that you have to face. These enemies are ready to burst you or rip you apart and thus you have to remain cautious all the time.

Learn how to survive:

This is basically a survival game in which you’ll learn various surviving techniques. It is an intense and thrilling action adventure game where you have to keep the character alive and complete various tasks and missions to proceed in the game.


The Evil Within 2 Review is for those who are daring and bold enough and the horror things don’t haunt them much. If you’re that type of a person who screams a lot and get scared to death while watching a horror movie, just stay away from this game. Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this horror game.


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