Everything You Need to Know About SNES Classic


Nintendo released the NES Classic console last year and people went crazy about it. Similar to that console, SNES Classic is also going to be a great product. The SNES Classic library is going to include many games that have stood out to be the Nintendo’s finest games throughout the years. Along with this, a variety of other games from the 90’s will also be given another chance to shine as they will also be a part of the library. All in all, the library will include 21 games.

What Is the Release Date and price for The SNES Classic?

The SNES Classic release date is set to be September 29, 2017. Quite a few markets will have this amazing product in stock so you could re-live your childhood days as soon as possible. The price of this nostalgic product is set to be $80 in the U.S. and at 7,980 Yen in Japan.


Japan will have a Famicom version of the console. This will be called the Super Famicom Classic. A week after the official release of the SNES Classic, the famicom version will be released. So for all of you in Japan, mark your calendars for October 5, 2017.

The western and eastern release will see that there are a few differences in the games for each console. The games have been set according to the regional interests in order to spark interest among people.

How Can I Find an SNES Classic?

Nintendo learned from its shortcomings when NES Classic was released and this time it is making a few changes in production. Unlike the NES Classic, SNES Classic are being produced in larger quantities in order to reduce any shortages.

Furthermore, Nintendo advised fans not to purchase SNES Classic at high prices. This is so because it decided to produce more units than the NES Classic. During the pre-order phase, customers should keep an eye out for these consoles on stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said, “I would strongly urge you not to over-bid on an SNES Classic on any of the auction sites . . . You shouldn’t [have to] pay more than $79.99.”

What Games Are Available On The SNES Classic?

Although there will be a number of games that fans might recognize, but there will be a few new additions as well.

Here is a complete list of games that are present in the SNES Classic library:

What Is the Setup and User-Interface Like?

A USB power brick will power the SNES Classic and the console will have a similar deign to the original SNES console. The only difference is that the new console is a lot compact than the original one. Moving on, we will have an HDMI cable for connection with the television or whatever device you’re going to play it on.

The SNES Classic boasts of a home menu where you can find all the games. In the SNES Classic user interface, you can jump between games to select them. The games will allow a save state on four different slots. Apart from this, SNES console is going to come with two controllers that have a 5 feet long control cable. So it will be a lot more comfortable to play SNES unlike the NES. For youngsters, the UI also provides an option to select frames and custom borders to make games more enjoyable.

An important feature is the rewind option that allows the player to rewind and go back in case a bad move is played.

So have fun playing the SNES Classic. We know we will.


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