Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S9


Rumors and leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S9 started surfacing in November, and we also informed our readers about the expected features and leaked images of the device. Now that we are more informed about this upcoming top-notch smartphone, we can give you a detailed and more comprehensive Samsung Galaxy S9 review.

Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched in early 2017 and the company has recently confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date. The Samsung Galaxy S9 launch is expected in February at a tradeshow and this is a good news for the Samsung fans as they don’t have to wait much. According to the company, the high-end flagship phone will be launched in Spain and Barcelona instead of Las Vegas.

Samsung Galaxy S9 price:

All the flagship phones are expensive, especially those of the biggest and most popular brands. The Samsung Galaxy S9 price has not been revealed yet, but we are expecting it to be high. Samsung Galaxy S8 price was $850 and it is considered as a pricey smart phone. Samsung Galaxy S9 price will be higher as it will be equipped with the latest and most advanced technology.

Samsung Galaxy S9 hottest leaks:


Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked features are now a hot topic of every tech-related website. The hottest leaks of this device indicate that the device will have smaller bezels as compared to S8 and there will be a notch that houses the fingerprint scanner at the bottom. According to some Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked images, the device will feature a dual-lens camera at the rear.

The device is expected to have a water-repellant coating and an in-screen scanner too. According to rumors, the device will retain the aspect ratio 18:5:9 of Galaxy S8. There are chances that the device will be almost the same size as S8. The S9 will use Super AMOLED display and will be curved. The hottest of the Samsung Galaxy S9 specs include an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The new Qualcomm Fingerprint Scanner will be embedded beneath the thick screen. An infinity display along with the AMOLED display has been rumored to be featured in the device.


The high-end device will be equipped with latest technology and premium quality components to improve the user-experience by far. According to sources, one of the Samsung Galaxy S9 specs is that it will be much easier to use it in the rain. According to the Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked images, there is probably a Brixby button and a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the screen to body ratio will be around 90%. The size of this device as mentioned above, will almost be equal to the S8 but some images suggest that it can be even shorter.

As far as the performance is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S9 features include 1000 fps video recording, a 3D face scanner, a bigger battery, 4GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 Chipset. Here is the leaked video of Samsung Galaxy S9, which will give you a better picture of this most awaited flagship smart phone.


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