Erica: A Thin Line Between Movie And Video Game


Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been keeping up the strong competition with Nintendo Wii. Although, it has a wide gaming library but has not been able to attract such attention as its contenders. Its latest to-be-released work of art is Erica, a live gaming plus movie experience.

Sony has been trying to change the concept of video games, to make them more like a real film-like experience. With ‘Until Dawn’ and ‘Hidden Agenda’ in the past, Erica offers features of what a classic full motion video does. Initially London studio Flavourworks has designed Erica for PS4 and later there will be Erica video game for PC in near future.

Erica Features

The game follows an intense storyline to give a strong grip to the plot. The story is about Erica, a young adult who is haunted by the memories of her traumatic childhood. One day, an old family friend who believes that her memories can help catch a murderer contacts her. Things get more out of control when the same murderer contacts Erica and relates a very different story. As a result, eventually Erica is now in deep waters to investigate and find out what the truth is.

Jack Attridge, the creative director at Flavourworks, demonstrated the whole story to viewers at the Paris Games Week. Although only a brief trailer is launched, but in the two minutes, almost the entire storyline is revealed. The game will be more like a feature film that will last about 90 minutes to two hours, perfect for people who want Erica to be a onetime experience.

Talking about technology, Erica’s publishers have not communicated much of it since they wanted to keep it as a surprise. They wanted the fans to focus only on the game now.

Erica: Controls and Commands

The players can control the action of the game with their smartphones, much like the PlayLink of the games. The game will also support the regular Dual Shock4 controller.

Moreover there are not any special 3D affects added, everything is kept 100% live. It also offers certain controls that cannot be controlled with ordinary video files. It requires its special control support.

Lastly, Erica is a one-player game. You cannot do a multiplayer series like Sony’s ‘Hidden Agenda’. However, you can take turns in an old-fashioned manner with your friends to hold controllers or handsets one at a time.

Erica Release Date

For now, there is no release date announced yet, just a short trailer and promise of more to come in the next few months.


Despite the negative hype, Erica promises to be great thriller. The level of interactivity is so impressive and detailed that it would grip you for the entire two-hour video game. Speaking to the press, Jack Attridge believes that Erica will require you to swipe every 15 seconds to ensure your 100 percent interaction and concentration in the game. Hence will double your curiosity as you will discover more into the story-line. Lastly, the pricing is very effective with options for replay ability as well. I hope you liked the Erica review and are as excited as the rest of the world is.



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